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How To Start a Successful WordPress Dropshipping Business

WordPress dropshipping is a new type of retail business with no inventory and doesn’t require you to buy or store any products. It’s less risky than traditional types with the risk associated with holding stock.

The downside to dropshipping is that the profit margins are lower, and there’s more competition. But, what it lacks in profits, it makes up for with low inventory risk and an easy setup process.

If you’re worried about low-profit margins, one way to solve the problem is by starting a dropshipping business on WordPress. Click To Tweet

26% of the web is run on WordPress. It’s one of the most popular content management systems in use today.

WordPress has a free plugin called WooCommerce, which helps you start your own dropshipping business. It’s not as expensive or customizable as Shopify and Bigcommerce, but it does offer some freedom to customize.

If you’re looking to develop an online store and don’t have the technical know-how for Magento, we recommend WooCommerce. It’s a great option because it has tons of free plugins and no monthly fees.

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1. Pick a Product Niche of Your Choice

To find the best products to sell online, do your research and look for trends in specific markets. Consider how saturated that market is before you dive into it.

Before deciding what niche to go with, do your research and figure out which market is the best for your business. Then take a look at who else offers those products so that you know how much competition there will be.

When you have decided on a product or product, it is time to pick your supplier. You can work with small-scale manufacturers directly, use an online directory of suppliers for dropshipping, or find wholesale drop shippers yourself.

When it comes to selling, there are different methods you can use. It would help if you always read up on each option before deciding which one is best for your company.

If you’re considering starting a dropshipping business, be sure to read this article on how to find suppliers.


2. Setup Your WordPress Site

If you want to build a functional and appealing site, WordPress is the way to go. With so many premade themes out there for eCommerce websites, it’s hard not to find one that suits your needs.

There are a lot of themes to choose from, and each one will have its personality. Click To Tweet

If you want your WordPress dropshipping website’s style to match the tone of your business, find something that fits.

It’s essential to look for responsive themes supported by the developer or company, secure with no malware warnings, and compatibility with WooCommerce. Look at reviews on third-party sites like WordPress review website WPTuts+ before downloading any theme.

Developers offer installation services to avoid the headache of installing your theme yourself. Are they worried about changing themes? Many retailers have been there before, and they’ll be happy to help you.


3. Install WordPress Dropshipping Plugins

wordpress dropshipping WordPress dropshipping is easy to set up, but the process will depend on your platform. Here are some of your options.

  • WooCommerce: Free plugins like WooCommerce work with WordPress and allow you to integrate your backend system seamlessly. The WooCommerce Dropshipping extension is pretty straightforward: it automates order notifications by emailing them directly to suppliers when new orders are placed in the store.
  • Inventory Source: This plugin will let you connect your supplier’s inventory, status, and pricing to the back end of WordPress so that all in-stock products are automatically loaded into a ready-to-ship catalog. They also provide a list of suppliers if you haven’t already settled on one and access to experts who can help with any eCommerce issues.
  • AliDropship: The plugin is not free, but it provides additional features and support, such as pricing automation and built-in themes. It works with AliExpress so that you can automate order routing.
  • Ecomdash: One way to avoid order routing issues is by using other apps that will make managing an online store a breeze, even when you can’t be in the office. It would help if you looked into our dropship automation app because it routes sales orders directly to your suppliers and any fulfillment option you use.


4. Setup Your Payment Method and Automate

  • Suppliers and Inventory: You’ll need to interface your system with theirs to notify suppliers when a customer places an order. Within the plugin of your choosing, make sure to set up suppliers in the backend of WordPress and add in all of the relevant details so that they can be integrated into systems.
  • Email notifications and custom packing slip: Once you have entered the supplier’s information, connected it to their system, and added inventory, emails will be sent directly from your dropship plugin. You may need to set specific rules for these triggers for them to work.
  • Set up product attributes: You have a lot of work ahead of you when it comes to dropshipping. You will need to stay on top of product details and keep accurate descriptions to know what they are getting before ordering from your site. Be sure to use SEO-friendly keywords in the report and high-quality images.


5. Customize Your Site

Want to make your WordPress dropshipping site one-of-a-kind? These plugins will help you optimize, market better, and more. Check them out:

  • W3 Total Cache: Get more traffic and better rankings with this plugin. It speeds up your page load time, improves server performance, and it’s easy to install.
  • Ultimate Branding: With this plugin, you can fully customize and brand your site. No coding experience is necessary to remove the WordPress branding on your site and replace it with a logo of your creation. Easily add colors and company messaging so that visitors know who you are.
  • Defender: This plugin will assist you in protecting your website from hackers and other security flaws. By scanning for new threats regularly, the Defender can report on the safety of your website.