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What is WiFi Marketing? How to Use it to Scale Your Business

Most customers use their smartphones while they shop. A study has shown that 82% of customers use their phones while browsing aisles, so why not take advantage? This is where WiFi marketing comes in.

Offering free WiFi to your customers is not only a great perk, but it also has benefits for the business. One of these advantages would be that 50% of people feel more comfortable making larger purchases if store WiFi is available.

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is when a retailer provides free WiFi in-store and collects customer contact information. The retail company then sends out email newsletters, SMS messages, or other digital advertising to the customers on their list.

You can use WiFi marketing to create a signup form or page before customers are able to browse the web on your store’s wireless network. Click To Tweet

This way, you will get their contact information and agree with any other terms they may have decided upon.

Immediately after a customer connects to your free WiFi, you can send them directly to the page of your choice. You might direct customers who connect through social media or from another website by sending them first on a particular webpage that displays links for these things.


Benefits of WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing has a multitude of benefits for both retailers and customers.

For your customers: 

  • Free WiFi in-store is an excellent way to provide customers with service when they need it. This can help them stay connected and save on data usage.
  • WiFi marketing is a way to keep your customers engaged. They may have left the store, but they can still be contacted through personalized offers and incentives that will make them want to come back.

For retail businesses: 

  • The more customers use your WiFi, the longer they stay and the more money they spend. Providing free internet access is a great way to keep them in store for hours on end.
  • WiFi marketing gives you customer emails and phone numbers at a basic level, but the information can go much deeper. You may be able to see when they visit your store, how often they come in for visits, and if it’s their first time visiting more than one location. Advanced software may also allow push notifications with exclusive offers based on where customers stand in your store.
  • WiFi marketing allows you to reconnect with customers well after they’ve left your store. The data collected from WiFi devices allows for more personalized, targeted advertising, which will help grow a business.


How to Get Started with WiFi Marketing

  • Make sure you have an internet plan, working router, and modem. You’ll need to make your WiFi network public instead of private so that people can use it.
  • If you want to start marketing through your WiFi, ensure that the software is set up and working correctly. It would help if you had it for capturing customer contact information.
  • To get more customers to use your WiFi, post clear signs in highly-trafficked areas of the store with the WiFi network name. Promote it on social media channels.
  • Build a loyal customer base by using loyalty tools to create relevant marketing campaigns. For example, you can use these same tactics in your email or SMS text blasts and build separate segments for those who have visited your store and show interest.


Final Thoughts on WiFi Marketing

To keep your customers coming back, you need to use more than just email blasts and social media. Click To Tweet

Turn shoppers into regulars with the help of WiFi marketing.