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What to Sell on Valentine’s Day on Your Retail Store

If you’re like most people, you probably have no idea what to sell on Valentine’s Day. It can be a tough holiday to shop for, especially if you don’t have a significant other. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of what to sell on Valentine’s Day so that you can make some extra cash and maybe even find the perfect gift for your loved one.

From romantic 3D lamps to cute faceless dolls, there’s something for everyone on our list. And if you’re looking for something truly unique, why not check out our starry watch or men’s fashion watch? No matter what your budget is, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect gift right here. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!

What to sell on valentine’s day Plus DIY Gifts?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care about them. What better way to do it than with handmade Valentine gifts?

Valentine’s Day crafts should be some heartfelt things you can give as a token of affection.

There are many Valentines gifts you can make to sell, such as chocolates and flowers, but there are also many craft product ideas.

Personalized gifts are all the rage, so any Valentine’s Day DIY crafts that you can customize will be a big hit.

If you’re looking for some unique and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 21 DIY Valentine’s craft ideas that are sure to impress your loved ones. From paper rose bouquets to healthy heart chocolate bars, there’s something for everyone on this list. So get creative and show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day!

Now, let’s get started with some Valentine’s Day craft ideas.


This sparkly rose is a great choice for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It is sure to be a big hit with sales on both consumer holidays!

The benefit of this product is that you don’t have to create any video for it to work for you. All you need is an attractive picture and there are plenty of them out there.

This rose is an excellent value at $15 on Aliexpress with free shipping. You can easily sell it for $29.99 and make a profit of at least $15.

If you’re looking for one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts, look no further than this enchanted sparkly rose. It’s a beautiful gift that will make your loved one smile, and at $39.99 + free shipping, it’s also a great deal!

Couple Rings That Sell Really Well

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable gift for your loved one, couple rings are a great option! You can find plenty of options on Aliexpress, and they barely cost $1 each.

The Alibaba Seller Page is a great resource for finding high-quality images and videos to use when marketing products. With a bit of work, you should be able to get some orders out of this.

Your target market should be young couples who are in need of an inexpensive ring. You can sell these for no more than $29.99 and still see a profit.


This is that one item that you see every single year on Valentine’s day and every year some “fortunate” dropshipping business manages to make an absolute killing with this product.

If you’re worried that your product might be over-saturated, then check out this product that does well every year on Valentine’s Day.

If you market your product in the same way as other companies have in the past, you will not be successful. You will just waste money and time.

If you want to see good sales for this product, it’ll take some effort to get new marketing material together.

Your target audience loves seeing new content, so make sure to create some stunning new ads for this product in order to capitalize on Valentine’s Day. By doing your homework and putting in the effort, you can ensure that this product is a success on Facebook.

The price for these small bears on Alibaba is $7 and $15 for the bigger one. You can sell it for $29.

If you want to make a nice profit, charge 99 dollars and 39.99 dollars accordingly.

A protip is:

If you want to make things easier for your customers, only offer 3 to 5 color options. Offering too many choices can be overwhelming, so stick with the most popular colors.

Sparkly Things

This is just to show you that there are different products available on AliExpress and that you don’t need to stick to the recommendations.

This version of The Sparkle Rose is a good option if you want the same features as The Classic, but at a lower price.

If you’ve sold a product in the past and want to continue selling it, consider looking for a newer version of that product on Alibaba. You could find a new product that hasn’t had much exposure, which could mean less competition for you.


Home decor Valentine’s day products are popular and items like these 3D table lamps can perform well when advertised properly.

I love that this product gives us a lot of different options for customization. This lets us combine different niches to reach new audiences that other products haven’t reached.

For instance:

To increase your chances of reaching people in a committed relationship, you can add another interest to your search, such as ‘bunnies’. This may help you reach people with bunny-related interests, which may indicate that they are in a committed relationship.

Show your prospect a “bunny” product, like the lamp, and they may love it. If they don’t, then show all of your products.

99 This lamp is a great deal! You can get it on Aliexpress for only $9, including shipping. So you can price it at $29.99 or $39.99 and still make a profit!

99 is a great price for your store and you will make a lot of money from it.

A photo or video of how these lights look in real life would be the best way to advertise these.

These odd-looking little creatures are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! They may not look it, but they’re still adorable. I’m not sure if they fit into a niche, but after some research, I found that people are in fact buying these!

I have no idea if these are related to some niche market, but I looked for more like this on AliExpress and saw that they actually sell.

What do you think of Valentine’s day faceless dolls? Do you think they’re worth selling?

You could try to sell these for $39.99 + free shipping and try to get people interested by targeting weird movies.

Top 10 Rose Box With Necklace

This beautiful gift set comes with a gift box, a rose, and an additional surprise necklace hidden in a drawer.

This is an amazing deal because you’re getting two gifts for the price of one! You can choose from a variety of different necklaces, and you’ll also receive a cute gift bag.

If a customer is not happy with any of the necklace options, they can simply place their own piece of jewelry inside the box with the red ribbon. This allows them to customize their own gift for their significant other.

This Valentine’s day, this product will be a huge hit! You don’t need to use video ads to make it successful.

Just find a great image and use it as a is – With the right product and right landing page, this will sell like wildfire!

This product looks amazing and has a high quality feel to it. You can price it competitively and still make a great profit.

DIY Valentines Gifts – DIY Love Album

This Valentine’s Day, why not make a creative photo album filled with your doodle art? This is a great idea to show your creativity, and it is also fun to do!

You could market this product as part of a DIY collection, or separately as a unique gift.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the “DIY” love album, be sure to ask the vendor about the “Chinese” lettering. You wouldn’t want to order the album only to find out later that the letters can’t be removed from the cover.

If you’re looking to market this product or service, use an image-based advertisement. Ask the advertiser if they have a promotional video with subtitles or voiceover, so that your target customers can understand what is being marketed.

Picture Frames

Valentine’s Day is coming up and with it comes some unique products. One product in particular that caught my attention was this custom photo frame from spotify.

This gift is perfect for newlyweds! You can personalize it with your favorite song and a photo of the couple.

This product requires a custom field app to be installed in order for customers to input their desired song and attach a personal photo. After an order is placed, you will need to manually fill the order with the customer’s specifications.

Watches For Women

99 This watch is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s a beautiful, high-quality watch that’s also very affordable. Your special lady will love it!

99 or $39. 99.

This smartwatch is on sale for only $5! The same item can be found on sites like Amazon and eBay, which will ship from US-based distribution centers for quick delivery.

This watch is available in US and European warehouses, so you can ship and deliver it faster.

The images for this product are stunning, so they’re perfect for your Facebook ad. You can test your market and tweak your ad copy accordingly.

14. Women’s Winter Boots

While flowers and chocolates are nice, why not get your significant other something practical, like a pair of women’s snow or rain boots? Not only will they keep their feet warm and dry, but they’ll look great, too!

These boots are both stylish and comfortable and can be the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Don’t just sell these to guys! Plenty of ladies buy themselves gifts on Valentine’s day, so sell them to whoever you think will buy them!

If you’re looking for a great pair of ladies’ snowboots, then look no further than this great deal on $15.99 plus $3.99 for shipping. Sell them for $39.99 with free delivery and you’ve got yourself a tidy little profit margin.

Make sure you include a sizing chart on your products page, and that you only offer one size per product.

15. Men’s Fashion Watch

This men’s luxury timepiece has a high quality feel and could easily go for $60 or more. This would make for an amazing Valentine’s Day gift.

This watch has a luxurious feel to it, so the price won’t matter to most people. Even though the watch costs $60, we can charge much more and still make a large profit.

The marketing material for this product is great! The video is easy to edit and you can use it in your ads, and the photos look great.

You have everything you need to make Valentine’s Day a success for your brand. So, make sure your ad is ready before anyone else!

16. Personalized Floating Photo Cube

This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one a gift that will make them go “wow!” This heart-shaped, rotating, LED-lit, and waterproof, Floating Photo Cube is the perfect gift.

You can upload your pictures on our product page to make this a completely personalized gift!

There are a variety of apps that you can add to your product pages that enable you to add customized information.

This product is great for fun-loving people. Its many features like color and light changing, music and motion, and spinning can only be fully appreciated in a video.

17. Men’s Valentines Gift Box

After searching for men’s watch on Alibaba, I came across this gift package that I think would make a perfect gift!

This watch and bracelet gift set comes with a personal touch and a bonus of three different items! It’s the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

This men’s gift box from Aliexpress is a great way to show your man how much you care. It comes with a variety of different items, all of which are sure to please.

This gift box for men is a better deal than the one above because it only costs a few dollars more.

These gift sets for men include watches, wallets and shades. If advertised properly, I could see many women buying them for their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, etc.

You can charge $49.99 and more for these if you package them in a more upscale box.

18. Valentines Gamer Couple Door Mat

Gaming is no longer a single person’s activity! Nowadays, many gamers are enjoying playing their favorite games with their loved ones.

I was thinking of getting them a quirky gift, so I found this great gamer doormat that I think will sell well.

You can also find similar items on Print-On-Demand platforms like CafePress. This allows you to create your own products and sell them to gaming fans with quicker delivery times.

You have plenty of size options on this site that you wouldn’t be able to find on other POD platforms. Plus, the prices are often cheaper than what you’d find elsewhere!

Targeting the right audiences who are likely to buy your products means finding people who play Xbox or PlayStation games. You can also target gamers who read gaming magazines and websites.

19. Cute Cat Plush Toy

20. Maternity Pillows

This U shaped pregnancy body pillow is a very practical gift to give a pregnant woman.

This pregnancy body pillow is the perfect gift for any expecting mother who’s having trouble getting a good night sleep.

This is not the most typical Valentine’s Day gifts for women, but some guys may purchase multiple gifts and this pregnancy body pillow can be a great gift add-on.

Targeting pregnant women is more difficult than just going after parents who have children. Here are some ways we can reach them:

Here are a few suggestions for how to target your calls.

If you’re looking for a gift for a young married couple with toddlers or small children, a maternity pillow is a great option. Maternity pillows provide support and comfort for pregnant women, and can be a great way to help her get a good night’s sleep.

21. Personalized Name Necklace

A present that shows up every year for all major holiday seasons and special occasions.

For a product like this to be successful, you’ll need to be very creative and think of a unique way to market it. This product isn’t just sold by small-time drop shippers, but big, well-known companies like Amazon as well.

To customize a name pendant, you’ll need to create a text field on your checkout page. This text area should be limited to a certain number of letters so that customers can quickly input their name and proceed with their purchase. By having this customization option, you’ll appeal to many customers who want a one of a kind product.

If you’re looking for a really cool way to show off your unique style, then check out our personalized name necklace! It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of personality to any outfit.

If it’s not your main product, you can still make a bit of money from it with hardly any extra cost.


If you’re still struggling with what to sell on Valentine’s Day don’t worry. There are plenty of other great options out there. Just take a look at our list and you’re sure to find something that your loved one will love. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even make some extra cash in the process!