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What is Target Plus: Exploring the Exclusive Marketplace

As the e-commerce sector progresses, companies must adjust and investigate fresh prospects for expansion. One question that often comes up is “What is Target Plus?” 

In this post, we will provide an overview of this invite-only marketplace platform and discuss its unique features that offer a streamlined shopping experience for customers. 

Furthermore, we’ll touch upon Target’s curated approach to seller selection which ensures quality control and maintains an exclusive marketplace status.

By the end of this post, you’ll not only know the answer to the question, “What is Target Plus?” but also how the platform can benefit your business. 

Table Of Contents:

What Is Target Plus?

Target Plus is an exclusive marketplace with just 650 carefully selected partners.

Compared to competitors like Amazon and Walmart, Target Plus offers a more targeted marketplace for businesses looking to grow their sales and revenue.

  • Invite-only: This exclusivity ensures high-quality products from trusted partners.
  • High web traffic: Despite having half the web traffic of Walmart, Target remains one of the most visited e-commerce websites in the U.S.

For businesses looking to expand their reach, Target Plus offers a lucrative opportunity to tap into a large and loyal customer base.

Benefits of Selling on the Target Plus Marketplace

Joining the exclusive club of sellers on the Target Plus Marketplace has numerous benefits, including improved sales performance, access to high-quality products, and increased brand exposure.

  • Improved performance: Your business can enjoy increased visibility due to your association with Target Plus.
  • High-quality listings: Your product titles and descriptions will be showcased alongside trusted sellers in Target’s curated selection process.
  • Enhanced fulfillment infrastructure: Target Plus offers a robust fulfillment infrastructure, allowing for faster and more efficient order processing.
  • Limited third-parties: Target Plus has limited partners, making it easier for your products to stand out in the marketplace.
  • Better social media presence: Target Plus promotes its sellers on its social media channels, providing additional exposure for your brand.
Key Takeaway: Target Plus is an invite-only marketplace platform that provides eCommerce brands with access to high-quality listings, fulfillment infrastructure, and third-party sellers. 

E-commerce Boom and Target’s Market Share

In 2022, the eCommerce industry passed $1 trillion in annual sales for the first time ever. While Target only accounts for a fraction of that total, working with Target offers your brand a number of important benefits:

  • Target’s marketplace success: By offering a unique selection of products from reliable partners, Target has set itself apart from rivals like Amazon and Walmart.
  • Quality over quantity: While Walmart is a formidable opponent, Target’s focus on quality over quantity has helped it carve out a niche in the e-commerce world.

Key Takeaway: The eCommerce industry is booming, and though Target is just one of several key players, its Target Plus Marketplace offers benefits that its larger rivals cannot.

Curated Approach to Selecting Retail Partners

In an effort to differentiate itself from competitors like Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, Target takes a curated approach when selecting partners for its marketplace. 

This means that only a limited number of strategic partners per category are chosen. Each must have a business and bank presence within the United States.

This selective process allows the Target marketplace to maintain control over their brand image while providing customers with high-quality products from trusted sellers. 

Key Takeaway: When it comes to choosing retail partners, Target Plus takes a selective approach and only works with brands that maintain a business and bank presence in the United States.  

FAQs in Relation to What Is Target Plus?

Target Plus is an invite-only marketplace where select third-party sellers offer their products on Target’s website, providing customers with high-quality items from trusted sellers. 

What Is a Target Plus Item?

A Target Plus item is a product offered by an approved third-party seller within the exclusive Target Plus Marketplace, carefully selected to meet strict quality standards set by Target.

When Did Target Plus Start?

The Target Plus program was launched in 2019 to enhance Target’s e-commerce platform and compete with other major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

How Do I Identify a Target Plus Item?

To identify a Target Plus item, look for the “Sold & Shipped By” label under the product title on the listing page, indicating that it comes from an approved third-party seller participating in the program.


What is Target Plus? It’s the VIP section of online marketplaces with just a limited number of spots available for sellers who meet strict requirements to ensure quality control and exclusivity.

By joining Target Plus, your eCommerce business will get access to high-quality listings, a world-class fulfillment infrastructure, and vetted retail partners. This gives you greater visibility and ultimately, increased sales. 

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