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What is SW Strategy? Increase Your Sales

You often hear people compare salespeople to the used-car salesman or say that they could sell ice to Eskimos. However, this is not the case for the majority of them.

To be a successful retail salesperson, you have to know how much talking and listening are needed. The best way to sell something successfully is by establishing trust with the customer first.

How to Use SW?

A lot of people think that high-pressure SW sales are the only way to get a sale, but it’s not. The key is treating your customer like they’re special because you know they’ll buy from you.

Not everyone you meet will want to buy from you on the spot.

What I found is that some people will show up, do their job and not want to be there. The SW formula for retail salespeople is: Show Up, Work Hard, or Don’t Come Back!

Well, you’ll never really know until they try it. And even then some won’t be able to afford the cost of a monthly subscription.

But, if you are looking for some more insight into how to get customers to buy products that may be higher priced than what they would typically purchase then read on.

SW Sales Strategy

It’s been said that a pitcher is most likely to throw strikes if they have already thrown some in the past. The same goes for salespeople – when you make your quota, it will be easier to hit your goal next time.

The greats know that to get better, they need to practice their pitches. In SW sales it’s also a game: the more customers you meet and interact with, the easier your job becomes.

It’s not enough to just want the product, you have to genuinely care about meeting people and selling merchandise. If someone has all of these traits but never talks with potential customers because they are too busy talking themselves up, then it is unlikely that this person will ever move any goods.

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before. You get a salesperson who doesn’t care about your needs, only their commission and or the sale itself. They make promises they can’t keep because it’s all about them – not you.

The only way to build trust these days is by slowing down and focusing on the individual in front of you. Don’t think about them as a prospect, but instead focus on what they are telling you.

Not a “guest. ” An individual.

We should not expect to sell anything if we are not willing to make a connection with the customer before trying our product.

You can find out their daughter’s school from the receipt, but that won’t help you anymore.

Yes, you can tell a funny story about the time when your kids helped put together their own bike for Christmas while they were signing off on that credit card slip. But then it’s too late.

Yes, I know that you can follow up with a handwritten thank-you note. It’s just the thought of actually taking time to write it out that makes me cringe. But if the recipient doesn’t trust your sincerity and attention to detail from the beginning of their interaction with you, then it’s just another waste.


Online retailers who want to grow need a learning manager. They’re the key that unlocks online SW sales training and growth. As a retail manager, you have to be the boss of your store. But in order for it to be successful, there are skills that need to come into play.