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What Is Fulfillment? Everything You Need To Know

When you’re running a business, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. But what is fulfillment?

In short, it’s the process of getting your products from point A (your manufacturing or storage facility) to point B (your customer‘s door). Fulfillment can be complex, but we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about shipping and handling, so you can get your products to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is Fulfillment?

What is fulfillment? Order fulfillment is the process of delivering an order to your customer.

While large, established companies usually handle their own product delivery, smaller companies tend to outsource that aspect of their business to third-party logistics providers.

Benefits of Order Fulfillment Service

There are main benefits of the Order Fulfillment Service that we would like to discuss:

E-Commerce Fulfillment Service – SCALABILITY

This service is perfect for those looking to grow their e-commerce business. Whether you’re shipping 1,000 or 10,000 packages a month, this can help take your operation to new heights.

Our warehouses are designed to accommodate large-volume sales and eCommerce inventory management.

Many of our clients are grateful that our warehouses are able to process large volumes during busy seasons like the holidays.

This is especially helpful during the fourth quarter when, because of Christmas and New Year’s, their number of online purchases increases.

With our fulfilment services, you can focus all your energy on making more sales and ours will grow right alongside yours.


When you outsource your warehousing and logistics, you can potentially save thousands of dollars every month.

The owner of the storage facility does not care about how much inventory you store. The monthly rent is consistent.

When you partner with a logistics company, many of your fixed costs become variable. You’ll only pay for the space and services you use, rather than being charged hidden fees or subscriptions.

Omnipack is transparent with its pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying for.


Order Fulfillment is a great way to improve your customer experience and lower your costs. This not only improves your customer satisfaction, but also reduces your overhead.

Why? There are a few reasons why.

We have the logistics process down pat. In fact, we’ve shipped over 10 million orders! This means we’re unlikely to ever make a mistake with your order.

You can be confident that your customers will receive the exact items they ordered. In addition, because we have numerous advanced solutions onboard, we are able to ship products quickly.

At XYZ, we understand the importance of getting your orders quickly. That’s why we offer same-day shipping on all orders that are placed before 6pm. We also offer 48-hour delivery to the DACH (German, Austrian, and Swiss) countries.

The Fulfillment Process

Sending out customer orders involves more than just putting them in boxes and sending them off. A fulfillment company takes care of:

A fulfillment company takes care of the shipping, packaging, and production of your orders. They’ll also notify you when your product is on the way. A fulfillment service makes it easy for you to transfer funds and process payments for your products.

Fulfillment strategy

At omniPack, we aim to provide our clients with a 3pl service that rivals that of amazon.

Why? Because we want to emulate the impeccable service that Amazon has perfected.

And our accuracy rate is still at 99.92%!

We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers above all else. That’s why our shipping process is designed around how we would want our packages to be handled.

3PL companies are experts in making sure that your shipments arrive on time. We know that keeping your clients satisfied is key to your success, so we take care of all the shipping for you. You can concentrate on growing your company while we handle the logistics.

Does it Make Sense to Outsource?

If a small business is struggling to keep up with customer demand because they don’t have the time to prepare and ship orders, they may choose to outsource to a third party to help manage this process.

Outsourcing can help businesses to ship orders in a timely manner and maintain consistency in their shipping times.

If you unexpectedly receive a large number of orders from your customers, you may not be able to produce, package, and ship all the items quickly enough to keep all customers happy.

In this situation, it may be better to contract out the fulfillment of your orders to a company that offers this service.

It might be more prudent to contract out order fulfillment to a company that specializes in it.

Do you have enough space to store enough products to meet demand?

Is it better to use that space for something else? You’ll have to decide.

Are you able to deliver the same high-quality product every time?

Would a customer service rep or a fulfillment expert be better suited to handle this? It would depend on your company.

How Fulfillment Houses are Paid

Each fulfillment company has its own pricing structure and range of services. Some can complete printing, assembly, and mailing of materials, while others are capable of warehousing and shipping products.

Fulfillment companies often charge you on a piece-by-piece basis for orders, understanding that the higher the quantity of items, the cheaper the cost per item. That way, you can have the assurance that your products are in safe hands.

Order Fulfillment Vs Dropshipping

So, let’s clear up any confusion.

It’s important to understand that both drop shipping and fulfillment are methods of getting a product to a customer. However, one model requires the merchant to stock the product, while the other does not.

Many retailers are puzzled about which method to use in their businesses.

In actuality, both drop shipping and order fulfillment are essentially the same. While filling orders, merchants can opt to outsource to third-party services.

This means that merchants need to send their goods to a company’s storage facility. Alternately, they can choose to work with a dropshipper.

This business structure is very common because it requires less upfront investment. Here, the products are manufactured by the company.

The merchant will receive the order from the customer, and then forward it on to the manufacturer.

The drop shipper buys products at a wholesale rate, and the manufacturer is left to fulfill orders.

If the retailer is looking for a low-cost way to outsource their inventory and shipping, then drop shipping may be the best option. On the other hand, if the retailer is looking for a more hands-on approach to fulfillment, then order fulfillment may be the better option.

Using a third-party fulfillment service allows you to take advantage of their well-established infrastructure, which can save you time and money.

Here’s a visual

For instance, FBA can help you expand your business internationally. In specific, Amazon has warehouses where they pick the products, do customized packing, and send the packages for you.

Customers always want the best deal, and that includes the quickest shipping.

Do I really need a fulfillment service?

A fulfillment service can help retailers meet the increasing demands of their customers.

When it comes time to manage your inventory, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. That way, you can be certain that your stock is always being taken care of.

Automated fulfillment software can help you optimize your transactions and improve your bottom line.

If you’re relying on third-party sales channels like Shopify, Volusion, 3dcart or WooCommerce, it makes sense to use a service that offers flexible integrations. By doing so, you can optimize your transactions and save time and money.

In fact, many fulfillment companies provide fast integration with popular shipping carriers such as USPS, Fedex, and Royal Mail.

Are you still sure?

If you want to improve your fulfillment score, you’ll need to be careful and precise when dealing with SKUs. Any discrepancies should be minimized as much as possible. There’s no other way to achieve a high score.

Another reason why you should have a good fulfillment service.

Besides this, retailers need to properly process orders. In other words, they need to revisit their order fulfillment processes.

If something doesn’t make sense, that’s a sign that you should trust what the experts say.

Why are you waiting?

With technology becoming more advanced, it’s crucial that you understand how automated systems play a huge role in e-commerce. Furthermore, it’s helpful to know that when you rely on 3PLs, your shipping becomes much easier.

Not to be forgotten, the real-time inventory management feature.


Why choose Shipbob?

This premium, fast, and free shipping service is compatible for 2-day delivery with popular e-commerce platforms, such as:

If you’re an online retailer, consider using the shipping service, “Shipbob”. This platform offers easy inventory and shipping management, and it’s free!

Thanks to its many warehouse locations, it’s very convenient for customers to receive their orders. Much like other fulfillment services, it’s completely free to manage orders and inventory on Shippo.

With an automated system that sorts inventory in real time, retailers can compete effectively with US companies. If you’re looking to brand your products and ship them quickly, then consider working with a company like Shippo, which specializes in fulfillment.

The cloud-computing based inventory system of Shipbob allows you to get real-time data. The analytics, reports and forecasting tools provide you with the ability to make informed decisions.

In the end, what matters the most is your ability to make the most of your insights and attempt to manage inventory.

If you’re an online retailer, then you’ll definitely want to check out what shopbob.com has to offer. With them, you’ll have access to a wide range of carriers and a robust shipping software that will help you get your products to your customers.

The Order Status Tool shows retailers if orders have been processed, cancelled, or fulfilled.

What sets apart the shipping service, (Shipbob), is its return policy. If the product sent is faulty or does not match the description, (ship bob), will handle the refund or replacement in a professional way.

ShipBob is a great company that always delivers what it promises.

Check out our ShipBob review.


Shipping software is a lot more advanced than it used to be.

This incredible software gives users a 30 day trial where they can try out all its amazing features and integrations. It’s compatible with many major ecommerce websites, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

Our self-service tracking portal is open to both retailers and customers, making it easy to keep track of your shipments and ensure customer satisfaction.

If you want to save money on shipping, check out Shipstation. You can compare prices from all the major shippers and find the best deal.

Managing a large order can be intimidating, but using an app like Shipstation can help. The app allows you to quickly see all transaction details, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you can do with the Call Logic App.

The app allows you to check all pending orders, access shipping rates and custom quotes, view reports and analytics in real-time, handle orders via Amazon FBA, and monitor each shipment. You will also receive tracking emails.

Shipstation’s dashboard is designed with the user’s seamless experience in mind. The software efficiently sorts all data and tracks down orders instantaneously.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can use Shipstation. They offer six different plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Any retailer who deals with a lot of orders, and needs a quick, easy, and cheap way to fulfill them, should consider using Shipstation.

We did a detailed review of ShipStation.


At ShipMonk, we always aim to please by offering intuitive solutions that fit your business needs. Our API integrations are top-notch and can be used in a variety of ways to streamline your operations.

With Shipmonk, you can easily import orders from your online store and keep track of what needs to get shipped.

The shipping management software from Shipmonk is designed to streamline your e-commerce order fulfillment process. The automated system calculates all shipping costs and fees, so you never have to deal with inaccurate estimates.

No matter what size business you have, you can use ShipMonk. It’s capable of handling over 10,000 daily orders and is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

You don’t need to worry if your order volume is low. You can process one order easily.

This fulfillment service is really great because it allows you to send your inventory straight from your suppliers to their different warehouse locations. This saves you a lot of time and makes things much easier for you.

Shipmonk is the best at integrations and they don’t charge a dime for it.

The Order Desk software connects to over 100 different carts, making it a great choice for online sellers. It works with popular platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, and 3DCart.

Its software automatically chooses the best shipping option and checks if items are in-stock. This lets customers get their items as quickly as possible.

But there’s more.

It’s very important to verify the shipping address for an order. This helps to make sure that the customer’s order is not misplaced. Click To Tweet

Your customers will receive an automated email with a tracking code so they can see where their order is at all times.

If you’re looking for the perfect fulfilment company to help you market and brand your products, then look no further than us. We can handle everything for you.

In order to ensure that your packaging is handled exactly according to your specifications, you can set guidelines for the company to follow. By doing this, you can be confident that your packaging will be handled with care and precision.

Returns are a cost of business, but not as bad as a chargeback.

Shipmonk makes returns part of the fulfillment process, which is favorable.

In addition to providing eCommerce order processing, our software offers these additional services:

The fulfillment software gives you access to services like a subscription boxes, crowdfunding, retail, and FBA.

Additionally, it has 247 customer support in case you experience any issues.

Check out a detailed review of our shipping software.

What does your fulfillment mean?

Fulfillment is the state of having completed a task or achieved a goal. Click To Tweet

It can also refer to the satisfaction one feels after completing a task or achieving a goal.

For some people, fulfillment comes from helping others or making a difference in the world. Others may find fulfillment in their personal relationships, their work, or their hobbies and interests.

What is fulfillment in business?

Fulfillment in business is the achievement of a desired outcome. It is the realization of a goal, dream, or desire. Businesses often seek fulfillment through the attainment of financial success, but it can also be achieved through other means such as making a positive impact on society or creating a product that improves people’s lives.

What is fulfillment process?

The fulfillment process is the process of completing an order. This includes picking, packing, and shipping the products to the customer.


You’ve learned everything about 

what fulfillment is. Fulfillment is a critical part of running a successful business. By understanding the fulfillment process and using the right tools, you can get your products to your customers quickly and efficiently.