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What Is ePacket Shipping and How Can You Benefit From It?

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable shipping option from China, look no further than ePacket shipping. What is ePacket shipping exactly?

I remember when I first started my online business and was sourcing products from suppliers in China. I was always worried about the long shipping times and whether or not my products would arrive safely. But then I discovered ePacket shipping and it completely changed everything.

With ePacket shipping, you can rest assured that your products will arrive quickly and safely. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what is ePacket shipping and how it works for your business.

What Is ePacket Shipping?

ePacket shipping is a shipping option offered by merchants in China and Hong Kong that allows for fast and affordable shipping to the United States and other countries.

What is ePacket?

ePacket is a service offered by USPS that speeds up the delivery of packages from countries in Asia.

The biggest beneficiaries of this new feature are online merchants. They no longer have to sit around waiting for their bulk purchases or retail sales to arrive.

A deal between the U.S. Post Office and postal systems in 22 other countries allows packages weighing under 4.4 pounds to be shipped internationally for under $400.

ePacket delivery offers many advantages over traditional postal services, including faster delivery times and tracking information.

ePacket delivery is a great option for those who need their items quickly and at a lower cost. ePacket delivery offers door-to-door tracking, customs clearance on duties and taxes paid by the recipient, and free returns on undeliverable orders.

How Does ePacket Shipping Work?

ePacket is a shipping method that allows customers to track their packages in real-time while receiving their items within 7-15 days.

The shipping process is initiated when the shipping company brings your package to the Hong Kong or China borders.

The product is shipped to the customer‘s destination through a shipping company.

After crossing the border, your package is picked up by the local courier in the target country and is then delivered straight to your door.

The ePacket shipping time can vary depending on the location and delivery method.

What Are the Benefits of Using ePacket?

Countries that have access to ePacket are expanding. This is no surprise considering the advantages of using ePacket shipping.

1. Faster delivery: Most standard shipping methods for shipping products to China can take several months. ePacket delivery is a great way to get your products to your customers faster. With ePacket, you can expect your delivery to reach your customer within three weeks, which is much faster than other shipping methods.

2. Lower shipping rates: ePacket has lower rates than standard international shipping, so you can offer your customers lower prices. Door-to-door tracking with ePacket delivery is extremely beneficial for customers as it offers the option of end-to-end tracking at no extra cost. This makes it easy to track shipments and ensure that they are delivered on time.

Tracking ePackets is super easy on official websites like the Postal Service and Express Mail Service (EMS).

3. Free returns: Customers feel a sense of relief knowing that any package that is returned to the sender is free of charge. This, in turn, improves the merchant-customer relationships, as the merchant can provide a refund on any packages that were undelivered to customers.

As ePacket deliveries go through customs, customers are responsible for any taxes or fees.

Before ePacket, the China EMS was the primary alternative for cheap shipping of customers’ goods. The drawback of this was that it sometimes took more than one month for buyers to get their purchases.

Other solutions were too expensive, especially compared to the price we paid for the product.

Although we would like to offer free shipping on all of our products, some products do not meet the size or weight requirements for ePacket shipping. Therefore, we are not able to offer free shipping on those products.

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable shipping method that offers tracking information and delivery confirmation, ePacket is a great option. However, it’s important to keep in mind that ePacket can only be used for shipments originating from China or Hong Kong. This means that if your dropshipping vendor has products shipping from within the US, customers will not be able to take advantage of ePacket shipping.

What Is ePacket Delivery?

ePacket delivery is a quick and low-cost shipping solution for companies shipping items to the US and other global destinations. ePacket has expanded into more than 40 global destinations, such as the UK, Canada, and Australia.

The ePacket delivery system is handled by a local postal system, such as the United States Postal Service, RoyalMail, or the Canadian postal service.

Each shipping service (UPS, FedEx, and US Postal Service) has its own set of rules, including size restrictions, delivery speeds, and rates.

What Are the Requirements to Use ePacket Delivery?

According to information from the United States Postal Service, there are a few requirements for packages or parcels sent via ePacket.


The maximum weight of a package that is shipped to you is 4.4 pounds or 2 kilograms. This includes the weight of the product, fillers, shipping container, and any other packing materials used.

If shipping to Israel, the maximum weight is 6.6 pounds or 3 kilograms.


Any products being shipped to the United States using ePacket must have a value of less than $400. The shipment must also originate from either mainland China or Hong King.

Minimum Size

The minimum size for an ePacket is 14 cm long and 11 cm wide.

Additionally, twice the diameter plus the length should be more than 17 cm.

For smaller items, many online sellers use a large box and add filling material to take advantage of the lower shipping costs.

Maximum Size

Packages should not be more than 60 cm long. Additionally, the sum of the length, width, and height should not be more than 90 cm.

The longest side of a rolled-up package should not be more than 90 cm. Twice the diameter plus the length should not be more than 104 cm.

How to Track Your ePacket Delivery from China

One of the benefits of ePacket is that, unlike other international shipping options, it includes a tracking code.

The tracking information for ePacket deliveries is extremely important for customers. By being able to track their package, they can see exactly where it is and when to expect it. This also helps build trust with the website, as customers can see that you’re not a scam if their package arrives within the estimated time frame.

To track your ePacket, ask your supplier for the tracking code. However, you can’t track your shipment on AliExpress — you have to use USPS, ePacket China Post, or 17track.net.

To track your AliExpress package, log into your AliExpress account, then go to My Orders > Track ePacket.

Please keep in mind that ePacket shipments from China still usually take 7 to 30 days for delivery. However, sometimes it can be much faster – people have seen 4-day shipping times. To err on the side of caution, please expect a longer delivery time.

Make sure your customers are aware of the tracking information for packages shipped from China. This will help to reduce the number of cancellations and inquiries you receive.

If you’re looking for a product that offers free ePacket shipping, then you can check the “Ships from” column to see if the supplier offers this shipment method.

Warning: Some Chinese wholesalers claim to offer free ePacket shipping but actually use a different method.

Technically, this could be considered fraudulent, but that’s just one of the many headaches that come from dealing with overseas vendors.

If you’re not getting free ePacket shipping from your supplier, look for a competitor who does. This will save you money in the long run.

How ePacket Shipping Helps Dropshippers

As a dropshipping business, timely delivery of products to your customers is a top priority. Your company’s image and reputation will largely depend on how satisfied your buyers are.

ePacket shipping is a great way to keep your customers happy by ensuring that their products are delivered on time. This can help you build strong relationships with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

When a customer does not get their order within a given time frame, they may become frustrated and request a refund. Dropshippers are aware that this can lead to a bad rating.

Online payment processing services like Paypal or Stripe may freeze or close your merchant account if your chargeback rate gets too high.

It has happened in the past with dropshippers, so be careful.

ePacket shipping ensures that your products get delivered on time.

You can share the order tracking number with your customer so that they can see the status of their merchandise.

When dropshipping, choosing ePacket as your shipping method can cut your refund rate by almost half. It also ensures that your packages arrive within 10 days, which is crucial when building your brand.

Use ePacket shipping to your advantage. Mention the estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks on product pages so customers know when they can expect their package.

ePacket shipping tracking is a great way for customers to keep tabs on their orders and ensure that they will be satisfied with their purchases. This level of customer service helps to encourage repeat business.

Which Countries Allow ePacket Delivery?

Here is the list of countries that allow ePacket shipping as of June 2017:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States

This list is constantly growing so check to see if it’s available in the country you’re purchasing from.


What is ePacket shipping? If you’re looking for a fast, reliable shipping option from mainland China and Hong Kong, then ePacket shipping is the perfect option. It’s the best way to get your products shipped quickly and safely.