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Steps To Create eBay Listing Templates That Sell

People are not just motivated by money. If you have an account with eBay, you can be one of the 167 million users selling and buying using an eBay template and are completely oblivious of how to create an eBay listing template.

what is an ebay template

With the rise of e-commerce, it’s not hard to list something on eBay anymore. You might have had to sell some old stuff around your house. However, did you know that you can list all your items with a quick and straightforward eBay listing template generator? Click To Tweet


What Are Listing Templates on eBay?

what is an ebay template

eBay listings are created with a template that includes titles, descriptions, and images. You can designate a maximum of 20 templates per product, allowing you to list them in different ways.

Let’s say you are selling flashlights. Set it up with a fixed-price listing or an auction-style one.

The templates that come with the app can be edited to change your selling method as needed and reach different customers.


How Are Product and Listing Templates Created?

what is an ebay template

To use templates, you need to have Selling Manager Pro which is $15.99 per month (with a 30-day free trial).

Creating your own eBay listing templates is not as difficult as you might think. We’ll go over the most basic method in this post.

First, go to the home page and find “New Product.”

Step 1: Creating a New Product

To create a product template, you only need to enter the name of your product. But there are also additional fields for entering.

  • Custom label – This is a unique identifying label or the product’s SKU
  • Average unit cost – The average amount that a buyer has to pay for the item
  • Quantity available to list – The number of things you have available to sell
  • Restock alert – If you know that one of your items will be hard to find or expensive, then set an alert and order it before they’re gone.
  • Notes –If you have any other details worth mentioning, please enter them below.

Steps to create a new product:

  • On the Inventory menu, click Create Product.
  • Choose whether to create a single product or a product with variations.
  • Input the product name and other optional information.
  • Save the product for later, or click the “Create listing” button to continue to the listing templates.

Step 2: How To Create a New Listing Template

Now you are ready to start listing. If that sounds like too much work, check out our list of the best eBay templates.

Maybe you arrived at this page because you’ve already created your product. If not, it is easiest to start with the Inventory view.

Steps to create a new listing template

  • On the Inventory menu, click on the product’s name you wish to create a template for.
  • Select “Create New” in the Listing templates
  • All you have to do is fill out the “Sell Your Item” form.
  • You can save the template only by clicking the “Save only” button, or you can use the Submit & Save Listing button to save and sell your item simultaneously.

We now can create more templates for each item, which means you can market your products in different ways (up to 20 per template).


Tips for Creating the Best Product Listings

I’ve found that the most successful listings have one thing in common:

  • Select a specific category for your product so that buyers can find your item quickly. You can list a product in two types, which will maximize its visibility for an extra fee.
  • To make your eBay listings stand out, include product details from the listing’s page on eBay. If you want to be original and add in some personal touches about your products that aren’t available there already, go for it! The search engines will punish sellers who copy other people’s content by ranking them lower. But, it does simplify listing the manufacturer’s details.
  • eBay forbids the use of any dynamic content in your product listings, so ensure your eBay listing is compliant.
  • You can use eBay’s suggested pricing, or you can research prices for items similar to yours. Also, make sure that your price is competitive with the other listings on there.
  • If you don’t offer free shipping, use eBay’s calculated shipping tool to simplify it. Your customers will know precisely what they’re going to pay before they purchase products, and that means less time for your team.
  • A great way to increase conversions is by using professionally designed templates. Several companies offer these services, and you can get creative with your design.
  • Get the most out of your time by using eBay listing software to list a ton of products at once. This will save you hours and allow you to focus on writing better product descriptions.

Creating listing templates will save you time, make your items more visible and allow for easy creation of new listings. Just keep these do’s and don’ts in mind when creating an eBay account to get the most out of it.