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The Best Way to Draw Attention to Your Store: 9 Tips

If you’re like me, then you know that the best way to draw attention to your store is by having a great display. But what exactly makes a great display? And how can you make sure that your store stands out from the rest?

I’ve put together 9 tips on how to make a great display at your store that will definitely attract attention. From using human directionals to adding sandwich board signs, these tips are sure to help increase foot traffic and sales!

The Best Way To Draw Attention To Your Store

When trying to attract customers and drive more foot traffic, the primary focus should be on the appearance of your store. This is the best way to draw attention to your store. By simply making a few small changes, you can transform the look and feel of your space into a place that is inviting and enticing.

Your store’s display and merchandise have to convince customers that shopping in a physical location is safer than shopping online.

How to Create Memorable Monument Signs for Your Business

Don’t do what everybody else does when it comes to your retail signs. Instead, go with a contrasting color scheme, such as black on white, or blue on yellow.

Many local businesses are restricted from displaying their signs due to city ordinances. This often leads to them being seen as a commodity that is only visible from the main road. For instance, the toy store, “Jane’s”, is now just referred to as “TOYS”.

If you want to leave a lasting first impression, you should consider creating an unforgettable business sign that’s sure to make your business stand out. This daycare has accomplished just that, and it’s gotten away with it! Who wouldn’t think it was a fun place to take their kids? Better yet, invest in digital signage that can be changed on a moment’s notice.

How to Make a Great Display at your Store

If you want more people to come into your store, create a great storefront! Your storefront is like a sign inviting people to come in, so make it as enticing as possible. When people walk by, they’ll be drawn in by a good store window.

Well-designed window displays are key to encouraging impulse sales and piquing the curiosity of potential customers. Eye-catching window displays can even tug at heartstrings, making customers more likely to enter your store.

Some people visited a jewelry line store in June and saw a miniature park scene. A young woman and her fiancé were sitting on one end of an oak bench. The woman was holding out her left hand, and the fiancé was kneeling on the ground and placing a sparkling platinum diamond ring on her finger.

At one end of the court, a woman smiled as she looked at her own wedding ring. A banner above her read, “A Diamond is Forever.”

1. Ways to Make Your Event a Success

Hotels and events use a red mat to show their visitors that they are being treated differently. The 20th century limited used the red carpet to give their riders a feeling they were being welcomed.

If you want to attract attention to your retail business, you can put a mat with “Welcome” on it in a high traffic area.

A flower shop owner in NZ scattered red roses across her sidewalk to attract customers into her store by drawing attention to her windows.

According to marketing expert, Beth Pumphrey-Harris, you can draw arrows, write messages, or list the types of products you sell with sidewalk chalk.

It is different than a cold call or email. It’s more personal and people notice it.

2. Ways to Get Your Best Merchandise in Front of Your Store

If you want to increase traffic to your store, put your best merchandise out front! Rotate items every day so shoppers always have something new to browse.

If you’re a motorbike dealership, the best way of grabbing your customers’ interest is by showing off a shiny, new bike.

Not the cheapest, but the most exciting source of attraction.

3. Ways to Add Custom Parking Lot Signs

These signs are commonly found at gas stations and restaurants. They should be printed in full, vibrant color for maximum effect.

A great example would be to use a photo of your product with a caption that says “Valentine’s Day is around the corner” and your company’s logo on the bottom. This would be a great time to begin planning your marketing for the Valentine’s Day season.

See if your landlord objects.

This billboard isn’t meant to advertise a product, but to show off your skill. Something like “learn to sew,” “the perfect birthday,” or “you can cook” would be perfect.

Pennant Flags Across Your Parking Lot.

Adding a colorful string of flag banners to your front door is an inexpensive way to add some excitement to your business. These can be found at most sporting good stores and cost less than $50.

The best way to keep your flags looking good is to replace them every other month. Make sure to choose bright flags that haven’t been ripped yet.

4. Use murals on buildings

Skribbl.io certainly know how to have a good time! Their office even reflects their fun-loving nature!

If you want your building to be immediately recognizable, consider using murals. You can also put a tall banner from roof to sidewalk in eye-catching colors.

Add a picture of your most popular product to the top of your homepage.

The goal is not to advertise prices, but rather to showcase products that people want. See if your vendors or even nearby businesses would be willing to cooperate in order to save money.

Sometimes city ordinance laws don’t allow businesses to put up signs, but it’s worth looking into – sometimes they will allow you to put up a temporary mural for 90 days before having to take it down.

If murals aren’t an option, another idea is to get free-standing banners that you can place by the door. These can be used even if you don’t have space for a painted wall.

A $200 investment in a weighted banner stand is a small price to pay for the ability to change out your image on a monthly basis.

5. Use wicket yard signs

Realtors often use wicket signs for an open house. They are small, light, and easy to carry.

For a short amount of time, a lawn sign may be a good option for a small business looking to advertise. These inexpensive, portable, and easy-to-set-up and -take-down advertisements can be placed in parking lots or next to busy intersections.

Although their sturdiness varies, these signs can generally be used when wind speeds are lower, typically on weekends when police officers who enforce sign laws are not working.

6. Add sandwich board signs

My little red wagon in hudson, ohio loves challenging its customers with fun and unusual games. If you can complete our 9-piece jigsaw puzzle in under 5-minutes, you’ll get one for free! Come by and show us what you’ve got!

Other companies use short, catchy phrases, bullet points, or attention-grabbing images to grab their target customers’ attention.

Hello, beautiful! Our new sign is so great even our sandwich board sign is loving it! pic.twitter.com/o5LY87JqvT— Silver Unicorn Books (@SilUnicornActon) March 12, 2018

Hello, everyone! Our new sign is so amazing that even our sandwich board sign loves it! Check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think!

If you want your store to look professional, then using an outdoor display like an MDI wind master is a great way to start. This outdoor signage has a weighted base for stability and is weather-resistant so you can use it for years to come.

You can use this important tool for high-quality color graphics to stand out from your competitors who write a generic “Sale” on an old slapped together “A” frame sign. For under $300, you can have a sandwich board sign that will help your business stand out!

When it comes to signage regulations, always check with local authorities. I’ve seen some clients only use sandwich board signs on weekends, when foot traffic is highest and the sign inspector is off.

7. Use colorful landscaping and planter boxes

One of the more successful restaurants in the state of California, this restaurant does not spend very much on advertising, but they spend a bundle on the landscape around each of their locations. There is not a spot of land that is not in bloom throughout the year.

The bright flowers and planters outside stores are a great marketing tactic. They attract people’s attention, so they know where they are located. This increases their chance of gaining more business and boosting their sales.

If you don’t have much space for gardening, potted red flowers like Geraniums are a good alternative. Water and feed them often, and in the winter, decorate them with lights for a holiday feel.

Guys often maintain their own yards and will be more than happy to have a beautiful, easy to care for lawn.

8. Decorate your store exterior using balloons

If you have a balcony, deck, or porch, be sure to decorate it with colorful, eye-catching, and attention-getting balloon bouquets.

If you don’t have a railing, use something to steady yourself.

If you don’t have anywhere to hang the balloons, you can lay them on the ground and string them through the holes in the blocks. If you don’t want your display to look too industrial, you can cover them with fabric.

Don’t forget to take your signs with you to the mall. They are great for attracting attention.

9. Use QR codes so shoppers can buy from you easily even when you are closed.

QR codes are a great way to provide shoppers with product details even when you are closed. By placing these codes in high-traffic retail areas, shoppers can easily scan and call up information about your products.

A potential customer can scan a QR Code you’ve placed in the front of your shop to learn more about the product, or they can even buy it right then and there.

One more way to make your business stand out from the competition is to make sure your parking lot is patched and sealed every year. This will give the impression that your business is new and successful, rather than old and struggling.

When you present yourself in a way that makes us want you, you’ll generate more interest. By presenting yourself in the way that we want and need, you’ll capture our interest and curiosity.

1. Human directionals

What is wrong with his business?” If you’re using a human directional sign to guide customers to your business, you may be attracting attention, but you’re not making a good first impression. This is because customers may see you as desperate and think that there must be something wrong with your business if you need to resort to using a sign to get people to come in.

If your location is hidden, you may want to consider making it more visible. You don’t want to be too far from success.

The people who are chosen for this job are typically the laziest, most apathetic, and least motivated. They wear sunglasses, have earbuds in, and sit by the beach all day.

Using your own children as signs is a bad idea. Is this how you want your business to be perceived? No.

2. Garage sales

By displaying your old, unsold inventory on the sidewalk, you are giving the impression that you are having a yard sale. People driving by will assume that your inventory is undesirable, which may not be the case.


The best way to draw attention to your store is by having a great display. By using human directionals, adding sandwich board signs, and decorating your store exterior with balloons, you can be sure that customers will take notice! So next time you’re looking for a way to increase foot traffic and sales, remember these tips on how to make a great display.