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Store Security: Anti Theft Devices For Retail Stores To Use

A lot of stores have been hit hard by thieves and robberies, but there are some really cool anti theft devices for retail stores that can help stop these from happening.

One of the most damaging things to a retail store is theft. Let’s say you have a 10% profit margin on each sale, and someone steals $100 worth of your product from inventory – that means if you want to make up for it, you need to sell an additional $1000 in products.

That’s a big deal!.

The survey shows that the average shoplifter walks out with $438 per theft, and it’s almost impossible to get caught. In 2009 alone in America, there was over a billion dollars worth of goods stolen from retail stores.

Retailers are always looking for ways to maximize their profits, and it’s just not possible without this.

The good news is that there are many tools, devices, and strategies you can use to address this problem. Combining technology with smart anti theft devices for retail stores like theft-resistant packaging will make your store loss-proof and deter thieves.

In this article, we’ll explore the top methods that retailers use to prevent theft. You’ll learn 6 techniques they’re using and how you can apply them in your own store.

I’ll also show you how anti theft devices for retail stores are shaping up 5 years from now so that it’s easier for everyone to stay safe.

Let’s get into it!

There are some great anti theft devices for retail stores that can help your retail store stay safe and avoid theft.

anti theft devices for retail stores

1. Merchandising security

Retailers with high-value products like laptops, mobile phones, or others need to be vigilant about merchandising security. This is because these types of items are often stolen by consumers who want to test them out but then abandon the product when they’re done.

I’m a sucker for good displays. Check out this clever idea that makes it easy to display products without them being stolen, while also making sure they’re visible.

There are a number of different security systems that you can purchase for your store. Magnetic holders, wired grip holders, and others all come with their own benefits depending on the size and shape of what you’re trying to protect.

One way to keep your products fresh and on display is by purchasing merchandising security devices that come with in-built chargers. This will ensure a great customer experience while making sure the product stays charged up.

Thieves are always looking for an easy target, but retailers can deter theft by using physical locks and cables to protect products. Store owners should also use mirrors on their shelves so that it’s easier to see if someone is stealing something.

These non-technical devices are great for loss prevention and they can be simple, but still very effective.

2. Smart inventory management Software

Inventory is one of the most important factors in retail. One way to keep inventory levels high and prevent theft is by constantly monitoring your stock with regular counts. This will help you notice discrepancies early on. 

If you want to know what your inventory levels are, use a barcode scanner. 

It will save time and reduce the chances of mistakes.

Vend is a great system that allows you to create permission levels for your employees. For example, this ensures only key people are able to edit the data on Vend.

You can’t rely on luck to protect your products. So, take these steps and you’ll know when something goes missing.

3. Putting an Anti-theft signage

You need to be transparent with customers about what they are being watched for and why. Installing signs that warn potential thieves of the consequences can help prevent shoplifting.

Let me tell you about one of my favorite sign tools.

Tools for the win!

4. Locks for display

Sometimes you want to keep people from taking stuff that’s on display. Maybe it’s valuable or easy to steal.

In the end, display locks are a cost-effective way to keep your merchandise safe.

If you’re worried about sweep theft, then these peg hook locks are the answer. They can only be unlocked with a magnetic removal tool and they attach to your display’s hooks.

Alternatively, you can use a glass or acrylic display. These retail displays will allow shoppers to see your products and not be distracted by other items in the store.

These cases are perfect for high-value items like jewelry, but they’re typically locked with a key. If you want to touch an item in the case, you’ll have to ask one of our staff members.

5. Cameras & video analytics

Surveillance cameras and video analytics software are the perfect way to deter theft. The camera records suspicious movements, like when a customer walks out without paying for their purchase. As soon as this happens, you’ll be alerted.

With demographics, traffic counts, and heatmaps you can pinpoint theft locations with greater accuracy.

Facial recognition technology makes it easy to identify criminals, by matching them against an existing database of known thieves or those supplied by the police.

6. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

In order to prevent shoplifting, retailers can attach security tags onto products that will trigger off an alarm if a thief walks out of the store with a product still carrying its tag.

There are many types of EAS devices that you can use to deter theft. They range from labels, tags, and antennas which all emit radio frequency or electromagnetic technology in order to prevent shoplifting.

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7. Educational materials for preventing theft

It’s always best to keep your team educated on the latest theft prevention practices. They can help secure and protect your store for you.

As the owner of a company, you want to make sure that your staff and contractors are aware of what is expected from them. You can do this by teaching eLearning programs when they join or inducting new employees into their code of conduct.

Future of anti theft devices for retail stores 

If you think about the future of anti-theft technology, I’m sure that it will be surprising. The Internet of Things is taking over and retailers are using this to their advantage by embedding chips in high-value products that can track where they are with internet access.

The problem of theft is getting so bad that the industry has come up with a solution. Anti-theft software will make it possible for retailers to block thieves from using stolen products, and consumers can use apps like Find My iPhone App on iOS devices to lock their devices remotely in case they get robbed.

It’s no surprise that mobile security apps will be able to block the use of stolen devices. For instance, if a phone or tablet is lost and found again by an honest person, they’ll be able to remotely lock it up.

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We’ll be able to identify any suspicious activity in-store by crunching vast amounts of data and video footage from our cameras.

With RFID technology and machine learning, theft will be greatly reduced as well as wait times. Amazon Go is one of the most advanced retail shopping technologies because it allows consumers to pick up products without having to ‘checkout’ or pay for them.

With the advent of online shopping, it’s safe to say that we’re all going to be shoplifting less and spending more!

Bottom Line

Invest in theft prevention and inventory monitoring, and you’ll avoid losses. Keep an eye on new technology that might make retail theft a thing of the past.

To be a more profitable, smart, and efficient retail enterprise you should implement some of the devices above!