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8 Shopping Cart Features Businesses Need for E-Commerce

Why do online businesses need to focus on their shopping cart features? In 2020, over 256 million people in the United States will shop online. Not surprising. It is much more convenient for many to shop on their computer than to get up and go into a store, with all the same functions at your fingertips.


shopping cart features


For anyone who has ever shopped online, there is a well-known shopping cart icon. This means that when someone shops at an E-Commerce site, they can save their items to buy later while shopping and add more things into their cart. Once finished, you will go through checkout with everything in your “shopping cart.”

Shopping Cart Features Your Website Needs to Have

If you own an e-commerce website, one of the most important things to think about would be building your shopping cart. Your customers’ experience should include a place for them to store their orders and have a range of functions that will make it even better than expected and help stand out from the competition.


shopping cart features


1. Security

Security is one of the most crucial shopping cart features your site needs to have. To protect customers from identity theft and information hacking, you need certifications and compliances.

One of Shopify’s many benefits is its SSL certificate, which ensures all information entered on its site is protected with 256-bit security encryption. This level of protection is at par with what banks use for safeguarding sensitive data.

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2. Payments from various payment facilities

The convenience of your customers should be a priority for you, and this means that the shopping cart system on your website has to accept payment from different gateways. Ultimately, a good site will have three main methods: Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal. 

Other payment methods include American Express, Skrill, Alertpay, and bank transfer. If you want to have more sales, your shopping cart must offer a variety of payment methods.

3. User-friendliness

The user-friendly navigation of the shopping cart is crucial for its functionality and makes it easier for customers. Navigation should be straightforward, so visitors will continue browsing through the website.


shopping cart features


4. Simple, functional design

When customers check out, they will notice the cart icon and page layout. For this reason, it is essential to have an excellent design for your shoppers to feel good about their purchase.

5. Can automatically calculate miscellaneous fees

One way to make your business more customer-friendly is by having a shopping cart that automatically calculates miscellaneous fees and adds them to the total. This will give buyers an idea of how much tax they are paying and their shipping rates.

The first step is to calculate the price of a product, less any discounts. It should account for tax based on where you are billing from and then find out what shipping rates would apply.

Tip: If shipping is free, mention it by including the word “Free” in the price area.

Walmart has a shopping cart that calculates the total for you, which is helpful to customers.

6. Local currency compatibility


shopping cart features


Your shopping cart should be able to show prices in the local currency of your customers. This is important for customers because depending on the payment facility they would use for purchasing, there will likely be a difference in how much money you make from their purchase due to exchange rates.

For example, Paypal has lower conversion rates than Visa or Mastercard. Ideally, the calculator should show the exchange rate computation so that customers know how much they have to pay using their local currency.

In particular, Amazon shows more than one currency for customers to choose from.

7. Various language options

The shopping cart interface should be available in multiple languages to make it easy for international shoppers.

This type of function is beneficial for shoppers who do not speak English. When deciding on the languages you want to translate into, think about your target customers and where most of their purchases are coming from. This will help them shop so that they can understand without having to use an interpreter or another person.

Alibaba offers more than 15 languages on its website.

8. Mobile-friendly


shopping cart features


In 2016, an estimated 62% of users purchased online using their mobile phones. Outerboxdesign found that most shoppers are browsing on a smartphone or tablet and that shopping carts should be designed to work with this demographic in mind.

62% of potential shoppers buy from their mobile devices, and by making your website more accessible to them, you can help increase conversion rates. This doesn’t mean that it should look the same as a desktop site–make sure it is easy for people on phones or tablets to use.

Allowing them to shop from their phones means that they can buy anything, anytime and anywhere, as long as they have access to an Internet connection.

Final Thoughts on Shopping Cart Features

You should be looking for these things in a good e-commerce shopping cart solution. The shopping cart includes the icon you see at the upper right corner of every page, but it also encompasses reserving orders and checking out.

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The shopping cart is one of your most important e-commerce elements so give these shopping cart features some thought.