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19 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Online Sales

What are the best Shopify apps? Apps are the foundation of a tremendous Shopify-powered store.

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On the flip side, downloading too many apps can be disadvantageous because it could slow down your site, increase operational costs, and create recurring bugs that can ultimately lower your SEO score.

Best Shopify Apps

shopify apps

To make sales, you need a steady stream of traffic. You can get this from ads, email marketing campaigns, or social media. The following Shopify apps will help with every stage of your business: 

1. Criteo for Digital Marketing

Shopify marketing apps are the tools that give you the ability to design and launch successful digital campaigns. These apps let marketers create, test, and optimize content for any device or audience to reach more people.

These apps also offer robust reporting and analytics dashboards to help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. For example, they can tell you which types of messaging resonate with your audience or the app’s most effective channels for boosting conversions.

Criteo is a leading Shopify marketing app. It helps businesses boost conversions and increase sales by serving targeted ads across a network of content providers, publishers, and social media sites. With this app, you can target new audiences and upload customer lists for re-engagement.

Criteo is unique because it uses machine learning for retargeting ads based on their data about over 1.2 billion active shoppers, called the Criteo Shopper Graph. This exclusive data set can deliver a 13x Return on ad spend by keeping your brand top of mind even after visitors leave your site.

2. Klaviyo for Email Marketing

Email marketing apps are great for marketers because they can build their email list and send out simplified campaigns. It also helps companies make lasting connections with customers by providing an accessible channel through which promotions, new products, or order information can be shared. As the article says, two-thirds of millennials have said that promotional emails impact their purchase decisions at least once.

Having a marketing tool that can segment your customers and run AB tests will be one of the essential tools on your Shopify Plus site.

Klaviyo is a full-spectrum marketing automation platform that also includes email. We’ll focus on their email capabilities for this article.

Klaviyo is an email marketing app for eCommerce companies to create personalized, high-quality campaigns based on data collected from behavioral and transactional patterns. It also helps develop a sense of past campaign success by comparing revenue per subscriber or ROI and comprehensive segment performance.

Klaviyo is the big winner in this category because they have a wide range of integrations that allow you to pull data from CRM platforms, help desk software, payment and rewards solutions. You can also use Klaviyo for digital marketing tools, which means there are endless possibilities when using them.

3. Omnisend for Omnichannel Marketing

Omnisend, a marketing app for eCommerce businesses, offers several other features in addition to email that allows you to communicate with your subscribers and customers. Omnisend was explicitly built for the needs of an online business owner.

One thing is to have a different way of delivering messages. But ensuring that they work together is another matter entirely. Omnisend believes in the idea that data integration among channels can help send out the right message at just the right time.

This is called omnichannel marketing when brands use at least three channels, the purchase rate increases by 287%.

The key to successful omnichannel marketing is automation. Omnisend offers pre-made workflows built from scratch for reaching subscribers at every stage of the customer journey, starting with a brand introduction and ending with retention efforts. SMS notifications can be added right into a workflow alongside email messages.

Omnisend’s segmentation allows for more targeted messaging because they can automate emails based on shopping behavior and demographics.

The app also allows you to link your ads with Google and Facebook to have a more streamlined experience.

4. Refersion for Affiliate Marketing

It’s estimated that by 2020, companies will spend $10 billion on advertising through influencer networks. Influencers are an effective way to reach the millennial market and influence what they buy.

With influencer marketing, you can build your brand by connecting with people willing to promote and share your products. These apps also track engagement rates so that both the customer and company get an idea of how well their campaign is doing.

Refersion is a platform that lets you create customized referral networks for your brand. You can see in real-time how clicks and conversions are performing, as well as the channels where they’re happening.

Once you approve an affiliate, it’s easy to create a referral or discount code with your store. Those who want to partner up and start generating referrals immediately can do so by checking the marketplace and seeing which brands are available.

5. SEO Manager for Ecommerce SEO

There are apps available to help with SEO for Shopify stores. These programs can be used in conjunction with your existing interface and tools, but they make the process of getting higher rankings quicker and more streamlined.

Supplementing your efforts with Shopify apps for SEO gets people to visit the site and drives conversion. When a website has more traffic and visitors, sales will increase.

To be successful as an eCommerce brand, you must optimize your storefront and drive traffic. With the SEO Manager app from Shopify, merchants can take control of how search engines see their store through various measures, including live feedback on successes (and failures) for those who have implemented these strategies in the past. Plus, this will make understanding and implementing basic SEO easier across all brands to achieve higher rankings overall.

This app is a powerhouse of features, with more than 20 tools and 15 unique. The program can help you edit titles and descriptions for your website, scan the site to find any SEO issues before it’s too late, fix 404 errors in real-time by redirecting from stockouts or deleting duplicate pages on the same domain name. For companies looking to rank highly on the Google search results page (SERP), this tool will be invaluable.

6. Octane AI for Social Media

Social media apps allow your Shopify Plus store to connect with popular social media channels. Given the conversational nature of these platforms and how much time people spend on them, this technology can also serve as an extension of your customer support team. According to eMarketer’s “Time Spent With Media 2019,” internet users spend 1 hour and 15 minutes per day on average using social networking sites; by taking advantage of that market, you’re opening up a lot more opportunities for improving satisfaction among customers.

A great way to increase sales is by having a seamless shopping experience on your Shopify-hosted site or through social media.

Octane AI is a program that automatically interacts with customers through Facebook Messenger to answer questions, remind shoppers about their abandoned carts, and provide transactional data. It also does this for Shopify Plus users.

When traditional email marketing fails, this new messaging app is the way to go. It has better engagement rates and higher conversion than most other forms of digital advertising.

7. Lucky Orange for Website Optimization

Site visits are great, but they’re much more valuable when customers purchase. An excellent approach to increasing conversions is optimizing your website and making it easier for visitors to buy products or services. Shopify apps provide data and insights around why customers don’t convert so you can stop guessing or implementing ineffective changes.

If you want to increase your customer satisfaction, the best way is by using optimization and customization. A focused effort in this area will help you connect with visitors and earn their trust, resulting in more excellent customer retention.

The Shopify app store has various optimization tools, but Lucky Orange continues to stand out. The company knows why people leave your website and provides you with the opportunity to understand what they thought when they went; it allows visitors on your site to be digitally watched by an employee, for that person can see how customers view their experience.

User Recordings and Dynamic Heatmaps will show you what they saw as they were navigating if you want to see how your customers are using the site. You can watch videos of customer interactions or explore them like a visitor with data popping up on all menus.

Lucky Orange is a powerful app with many features, including form analytics, live chat, surveys, and polls. It also has conversion funnels that help you find out what caused the customer to abandon their cart to boost your conversion rates by solving these problems.

8.  Hotjar for Behavioral Marketing

Customer behavior apps are a great way to track customer engagement with your Shopify site and monitor how customers interact with products. These types of software offer insight into the areas that need improvement or have high conversion rates.

These apps help you to identify where and when your site is failing by providing heat map analyses that show aggregated user behavior, as well as session recordings of anonymous visits. What’s more, these apps also collect feedback through custom-designed surveys and polls to verify the effectiveness of customer experience strategies.

In addition to being the most popular customer behavior app on Shopify, Hotjar is also installed in every one of the 184 countries where it operates. This makes them a prime choice for companies that want their online stores to succeed.

This is a software platform that helps online sellers improve their conversion rates. It uses heatmaps and funnel technology to identify cart abandonment and feedback tools like polls and surveys.

9. Shoelace for Retargeting

A new breed of retargeting apps differs from traditional digital marketing programs because they focus on regaining lost customers by serving ads that feature products they’ve either clicked on or added to their cart. The goal is not to acquire new visitors but convert existing ones.

Retargeting ads are more likely to get clicks than standard display ads, and they help you drive sales. Ninety-two percent of customers don’t purchase their first visit to your site; that’s why retargeting apps are so crucial for your online marketing strategy.

Shoelace helps store owners engage customers through retargeting by assisting them in understanding customer behavior, thereby decreasing cart abandonment. The Shoelace app also provides insight into what the shopper has done to help tailor messaging.

Shopify’s integration library allows merchants to integrate additional apps like YotPo for social proof, MailChimp for email marketing, and Swell as a rewards system.

10. Justuno for Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing apps can provide insight into the messages and channels that resonate with your visitors. These apps also serve as tools to inform a company’s overall business strategy by giving you information about what messaging is most effective.

Justuno uses predictive analytics to help companies find out what content will resonate with their customers. The company offers several different pop-ups and exit-intent messages based on the visitor’s data.

11. Bold Upsell for Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling applications are your teams that will constantly try to sell complementary or superior products. These types of sales help increase revenue and create a more thoughtful shopping experience for customers.

These apps allow Shopify users to strategically display related products based on the customer’s shopping cart contents or browsing history. If you’re providing customers with insights about their purchase experience, they are more likely to be loyal and trust your brand in the future.

Bold Upsell is the most popular and top-rated upsell app on Shopify. It allows store owners to offer an “upgrade” or “cross-sell” that customers can quickly add by clicking a single button. The one downside of this service is that it replaces the original item in your cart but gives you another chance at selling something else.

The best way to increase revenue is by upselling customers. Bold says that the customer already committed and will be more likely to buy an additional product or service because they are already using it.

Shopify sellers can also use analytics to understand better what customers respond to. For example, if a customer purchases something on your site and has not yet purchased another item in the same category, they are more likely to buy again. Shopify stores have accessed this data to make it easier to tote offers with upsells or cross-sells.

With Bold, customers can get a one-click bonus offer and countdown timer after completing their purchase.

12. Gorgias for Customer Support and Live Chat

Customer support apps enable Shopify store owners to communicate with customers across a spectrum of channels. These business owners need to have a vital open channel to address their customer’s questions, complaints, and concerns.

Intercom, a company that sells chat software for online stores, found in their study that website visitors who have the opportunity to speak with salespeople before they make purchases are more likely to convert and spend 13% more than those who don’t.

To make customer service more personal, many chat apps now offer bots that can answer FAQs and other questions. This helps the company understand what is going on with their customers better.

Gorgias is a tool that streamlines customer service for Shopify Plus customers. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, and email to see what has been happening on each channel to help their customers better prioritize what to do.

This app helps your customer service team prioritize what to do and will help you quickly respond to customers. Top Shopify stores use Gorgias for a more efficient response time.

13. Swell & Growave for Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to retain customers because they incentivize them for continuing engagement. According to Harvard Business Review, “Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five times more expensive than retaining one.” Loyalty programs make it easier for companies and consumers alike by tracking and managing rewards easy.

Swell is a Shopify Plus platform that helps merchants build rewarding, incentivized programs. These programs have proven to be 9x more profitable on average and help motivate customers by giving them incentives for social engagement and repeat purchases.

GrowaveGrovearketing platform that offers various tools, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Q&A, and more. It can help you quickly replace 4-6 different apps on your store by saving money.

14. Skubana for Shopify Inventory Management 

A successful online business has products to sell, and you can’t get any sales without them. Today’s consumer brands need to be everywhere that potential customers are shopping, whether on marketplaces, your website, or social media channels. Inventory apps help optimize a critical aspect of the fulfillment process: inventory management.

Inventory management apps need to integrate with all of the different channels a company uses, from warehouses and logistics companies to POS. If you’re a multi-channel seller, these apps can serve as your “one source of truth” for operational data.

There are a lot of great software providers that offer tools to help with the process, such as managing returns and forecasting inventory. However, some may have additional insights like automatically creating purchase orders based on sales velocity or lead times.

Skubana is a software that provides brands with unified control of all aspects of their operations. It helps them keep track of inventory, purchase orders, and the process from when it leaves the warehouse to when it arrives at its destination.

Skubana’s Orderbot technology automates the order fulfillment process, allowing for an extensive network of sales channels. This includes Amazon, eBay and Walmart, and eCommerce-hosted platforms like Shopify or Magento.

Skubana is a shipping and inventory management software that automatically calculates the best shipping rate from different couriers and 3PLs. It gives you access to an app store with plug-and-place apps. It also offers in-depth SKU-based reporting.

15. Oberlo for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you partner with suppliers and display their products in your store. This means that the supplier keeps inventory, but drop ship companies have lower operational costs (but higher product costs) than traditional wholesalers.

One way to offset the cost of products is by using Shopify apps. They can help your dropshipping business succeed in marketing, store management,t and more. By leveraging these tools, you’ll be able to increase revenue without expending energy or cash flow on tedious tasks to have a profitable store.

Oberlo is a free app that helps people find products to sell. It has helped sellers of more than 100 million items, and it’s always ready to help you find suppliers for your following product.

A new app called Oberlo is changing how e-commerce stores import products. The virtual warehouse contains thousands of different suppliers, and you can search through them to find what you need for your store. Then when a customer places an order, it’s automatically synced with the system so that all they have to do is wait for their package.

In addition, you can use a platform to update inventory and pricing so that when it comes time for the holiday season or special events like Black Friday, your products are always in stock. You don’t have to worry about selling items because everything is listed on the website.

16. Yotpo for Product Reviews

Reviews are an essential part of the customer journey. The study by BazaarVoice found that shoppers who interact with reviews on retail sites were 106% more likely to convert and experienced a 116% lift in revenue per visitor. In comparison, YotPo has reported 161% higher conversion rates for visitors viewing user-generated content.

West, you use an independent product review app to keep track of your products and the reviews on all selling channels.

The Yotpo app is the best Shopify Plus review system that enables brands to collect user-generated content and use it in different channels. This flexibility lets you display reviews, social posts, product feedback, and FAQs on your website or emails to build trust with customers.

Yotpo is an essential tool for discovery in organic search results, providing insight to brands. It also includes information on customer experience and sentiment analysis.

17. DataFeedWatch for Shopping Feed

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that simplifies uploading your products and listing them across different channels. However, it can be counterproductive if you don’t have an organized strategy for selling on all those sites.

If you want to be noticed on the internet, optimizing your product feed is effective. A good shopping feed should focus on the title, I, mage, and category among other things, to get people’s attention.

Using a feed management solution can help bring efficiency, consistency, and alignment to your marketing strategies. This type of software helps manage products and inventory across all sales channels; it also ensures that requirements are met for each channel while optimizing advertising campaigns to increase product visibility.

DataFeedWatch is a feed marketing solution that can help merchants grow in their own country and internationally.

Their Shopify integration is a powerful feature that lets merchants connect their account taccountsool in just a few clicks. They can list products on other channels and optimize data feeds.

DataFeedWatch provides data feed management software that makes it easy for merchants to get the most out of their campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Amazon., The best part is they don’t need any programming skills or knowledge about APIs because this tool does all the work.

Brands, retailers, and digital agencies alike can take control of their feeds with this one-stop feed marketing software.

18. BeProfit for Profit Tracking

One of the essential things for eCommerce owners to understand is their finances. Profit tracking apps can calculate and analyze your financial data, track costs associated with orders, returns, taxes, and shipping fees, as well as COGS (costs). With this information,n you will be able to determine what generates the most profit to make informed decisions about how best to manage your company’s money.

The profit board app will help you track and analyze your business’s finances. The information it provides in charts and graphs makes understanding complex metrics easy.

Valuable features that you’ll find are creating custom reports or using predefined templates; a quick integration with your ad platforms also allows you to see how well online advertising is working. This helps make data-driven decisions on what needs optimization.

19. Reveal for Customer Value Optimization

Customer retention is key to a company’s growth and profitability. To have an effective customer retention strategy, you must understand your customers’ needs to be satisfied with the product or service they are buying from your brand. With access to data on their activities online through analytics tools, understanding how visitors interact with your site will give more insight into what makes them buy something – which can help increase sales.

Reveal is a customer data platform that analyzes your customers’ behavior across different platforms. It presents real-time data of your customers’ buying activity in an easy-to-understand format, which helps you understand how to acquire and retain them while reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Reveal helps you monitor and improve the lifetime value for each segmented group by analyzing their buying habits so that they can be targeted with personalized campaigns. They also analyzeexploreroducts are best sellers or churners because it will help create more profitable marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts on Shopify Apps

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Shopify apps allow anyone to sell anything online and help boost sales for their store.

You can use these Shopify apps to drive traffic, sell products, promote your brand, streamline inventory processes, reward customers, and so much more.