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27 of the Most Successful Small Town Business Shop Ideas

Small towns are not as busy or have the same foot traffic, but there is still plenty of opportunities. It would help if you found it. Here, we will give you helpful business shop ideas that you may use in your small town.

Don’t worry if you’re strugglboomingd successful business shop ideas for your small town. We have the perfect solution.

We found 27 business shop ideas that are perfect for small towns. Could you read on below and thank us later?

  • Coffee shop and bar
  • Pet grooming and boarding
  • Clothing boutique
  • Vape shop
  • Bakery
  • Grocery stores and specialty food shops
  • Lawn and gardening service
  • Food truck
  • Thrift shop
  • Tutoring service
  • Car wash
  • Gym and exercise studio
  • Restaurant
  • Sports bar
  • Specialty health food
  • Hair salon or barbershop
  • Ice cream shop
  • Home improvement
  • Gift card shop
  • Flower shop
  • Cleaning service
  • Bookstore
  • Electronics dealer
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Bowling alley
  • Microbrewery
  • Massage therapist

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shop ideas

1. Coffee shop and bar

When you think of your neighborhood coffee shop and bar, the two may seem like separate entities. But if it’s a small town with little business, merging these shop ideas might be just what they need.

One of the small town business ideas is the coffee shop. The coffee shop concept is a great way to keep the business open late and more revenue. It also provides another opportunity for people who may not want coffee all day but would like wine or beer at night.

To appeal to a mid-day and post-work crowd, make sure your coffee shop design is authentic. A POS system should be easy for customers to use.

2. Pet grooming and boarding

The pet industry is worth $60 billion in the United States alone, so it makes sense that there is at least one grooming or boarding facility for pets.

The number of households with a pet has increased from 56% to 65%, which means an increase of about 80 million homes with pets. Click To Tweet

In addition to these rural businesses, other markets do well in small towns. One example is pet grooming and boarding; no one wants to drive for hours just because their dog needs a trim or they need kennels while on vacation. But this also means you can capitalize by becoming the only place where people goit comes time to buy food, toys, clothes, etc.

Starting your pet store is not as daunting as it may seem. WithYou can begin to begin a head-start and attract more loyal customers with the right POS system

3. Clothing boutique

Another of our small shop ideas is a clothing boutique. A common problem in small towns is the lack of clothing stores. This often leads to people driving long distances just for basic clothes. It can be hard on residents outside the city, so starting a store will help you make friends and create an essential local destination with teens as your target market. 

4. Vape shop

Vaping is a niche market, but it’s enormous. Yelp has 10,591 vape shops listed in their database, and that number is growing every day. It could be one of the best small-town businesses.

5. Bakery

Starting a bakery in your small town is an option that can be rewarding and fulfilling. Much research needs to go into opening up this type of business, but it’s worth the effort because you will have many different customers coming through regularly.

6. Grocery stores and specialty food shops

Opening a grocery store might not sound like the most exciting shop idea, but it is one of our best practice recommendations. Small towns need these types of businesses to survive, and in many cases, you can take this business in multiple directions depending on what your town needs. Perhaps there are already two local stores, so opening up an independent food market would be the right call, or maybe wine or cheese shops are more popular? You may think that because small towns have limited resources, they wouldn’t want much alcohol, but actually, people love having access to quality wines.

When you serve a small community, it is essential to remember that the options are limited. This can be an opportunity for more service and involvement with residents because there will not always be enough time or resources to do everything.

7. Lawn and gardening service

The grass is always greener in small towns. Rural communities tend to have more extensive lawns and gardens, so people will be looking for landscaping services such as mowing the lawn or fertilizing the garden. As a business owner, you’ll find that these rural areas are predictable, reliable, and scalable.

8. Food truck

The best way to start a small town business is often one that you wouldn’t have thought of in the first place. One such idea for this type of location would be opening up a taco or food truck because many towns thrive on outdoor activities and sporting events, making it easier to sell tacos and other street foods.

9. Thrift shop

Among the other shop ideas, let’s not forget a thrift shop. A second-hand store or thrift shop is a great way to provide cheap shopping options for people in small towns. People still grow out of their clothes, need furniture, and move off to college so you can make money from them too.

10. Tutoring service

Tutoring is a great business idea for small towns. You can find tutors on the internet, but nothing beats having an in-person teacher to help your child with their studies.

One way to start as a tutor is by doing it on the side. This can be great for people already employed and want something more flexible. You may also find that tutoring works well with evenings, so you could even do this part-time if you’re not working during those hours.

11. Car wash

Small towns are not always the most attractive places. Cars are often older and dirtier, yet people in small towns want to have shiny cars just like everyone else does! Car washes can help solve this problem by opening up a business for your town.

12. Gym and exercise studio

If you think that starting a gym in a small town will be difficult, then you should reconsider. Fitness businesses are perfect for any location because they thrive during winter when people have fewer options. The boutique fitness trend has been hot and shows no signs of slowing down, which means there’s never been a better time to capitalize on it.

13. Restaurant

Every town needs a few good restaurants. You can’t just have your local pizza place for every occasion, but opening up one is not something to go into halfheartedly – you need the passion and drive of both an entrepreneur and chef.

If you have the experience and motivation, running a restaurant can succeed. However it’s important to know that one-quarter of restaurants will fail within their first year. We don’t want this to discourage anyone from opening up because everyone has different goals for what they’re looking for in life.

14. Sports bar

You’ll attract a different customer base for this small town business idea than for the wine bar coffee shop combo. First dates and book clubs are not as expected in smaller tow, so people come out to bars more often on weekends or during special events like sports games. When that happens, it’s important to have POS software that can handle your high volume of customers.

Opening a sports bar in an area that loves their sport can be great for business, but it will fail if you don’t know the local culture and interests. So do your research before starting this type of venture.

15. Specialty health food

One trend has been sweeping the country for years, and it’s called health food. Healthier eating options have changed over time but are not going anywhere because of how healthy they can be! One facet of this trend with proven benefits is organic food.

shop ideas

People may choose to eat organic food for a variety of various they often find it difficult when living in rural areas or small towns. Global sales are expected to reach 811.82 billion U.S dollars by 2021, which is hard not to notice considering the growing demand and increased willingness for consumers who want allergen-free organic foods that can be expensive due to their limited availability.

16. Hair salon or barbershop

There is one service that most people need a few times per year. If you’re currently calculating the average number of women in your town multiplied by three to determine how much business will come from haircuts alone, then you should think bigger. Opening up a salon means more than just hair cuts- there are many other services available, including coloring, nails, and makeup. And don’t forget about men who also get their haircut at least once every month! Quality hairstyles for someone with experience can cost around $100 on average, but it’s essential to have an excellent plan before opening up shop.

17. Ice cream shop

Opening an ice cream shop in a small town is the perfect business idea for those looking to make some extra money. It’s essentially the vegetable of your product, be willing to work nights and weekends (since most of your customers will) and find out what flavors people like before deciding on one or two types of icecreams. This may not seem like much, but it can mean the difference between success and failure.

18. Home improvement

Are you the person all your friends call when they need help with their homes? Are you looking to start a business but don’t want to have an office in town? A handyman company might be just what small towns are missing. Without anyone who can fix fundamental problems, residents must book appointments weeks ahead of more extensive larger services like plumbing work or roofing repairs because most people do not have these skills on hand. If it has been three days since someone clogged your toilet and no one knows how to unclog it, this is where owning a home repair service comes into play.

19. Gift card shop

Greeting cards are a $7-$8 billion industry in the US. These products can be found at big box stores, such as Target and Walmart; however, there is an opportunity for small town entrepreneurs to open their own store because not everyone has access to these types of shops near them.

20. Flower shop

Starting a flower shop might surprise you, but it is relatively inexpensive and perfect for small towns. Unlike other retail businesses like restaurants or car washes with expensive start-up costs (one of which is the need to purchase coolers), opening up a flower store has comparatively few expenses.

When I first started, the only thing that mattered to me was providing fresh flowers. The issue is getting people who are used to ordering online for their needs in town into my store. There’s a lot of competition with other stores, but the best way around it would be by being competitive on price and having excellent customer service.

21. Cleaning service

Handyman service is one of the great business shop ideas for small towns, and that’s becoming more popular these days. Many larger companies or startups either haven’t expanded into rural areas yet or don’t have contract workers willing to travel there. This could be frustrating for those seeking cleaning services in remote towns; however, it’s also an opportunity because starting such a company would require very little overhead.

22. Bookstore

Bookstores have changed a lot from what we remember as children. Instead of just having books, they now offer coffee shops and live events to stay afloat in the face of competition with Amazon’s e-books. This might not be such a bad thing; it means that bookstore owners are finding new ways to succeed.

If you’re thinking about opening a bookstore in your small town, don’t be fooled into believing that just because it’s called “The Bookstore” means there will only be books. There are many other things to offer – gifts, crafts, and even coffee or events, for example. By providing a variety of merchandise and holding different types of events at the store,e you’ll bring more customers through its doors.

Even though there are fewer bookstores, the ones that remain have seen an increase in sales. It’s partially because of less competition and also due to how many opportunities exist for these stores to reinvent themselves so they can be successful in today’s world.

23. Electronics dealer

Looking for a small town business idea that can help you earn some extra money? Consider opening an electronics store specializing in drones and drone accessories. The commercial drone market is predicted to increase, so this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

24. Bed and breakfast

Many small towns acannotoffer bed and breakfast accommodations, which can be a problem for visitors. Opening an inn or B&B will fill this need in your area by providing guests with more affordable lodging reservations rates thetan typical hotel rates. To keep track of bookings, you should find a POS system that integrates seamlessly with PMS systems and other services like reservation rates.

If you’re an empty nester and want to explore a new business idea, consider opening up your house as a bed-and-breakfast. If you live in a small town with too many rooms for rent, this is a perfect concept.

25. Bowling alley

Bowling alleys are not the cheapest idea on this list, but they can be pretty profitable. They also appeal to a wide range of patrons in small towns and become social hubs for their communities. A bowling alley needs all kinds of revenue streams-bowling, food, drink (especially alcohol), renting out space-to succeed.

26. Microbrewery

Someone with a weak heart is not suitable to start a microbrewery. It’s also not for those that don’t dream, live, and drink beer like it’s water from Mt. Olympus, but if this sounds like you, then go for it! Even though many breweries are opening every day, demand exceeds supply so your business will have an easier time getting off the ground.

27. Massage therapist

I was drawn to the idea of opening a massage therapy business in my small town because I enjoy working with people and meeting new ones. Massage therapists can often not open their practice quickly, but if you have any pre-existing experience as a licensed therapist, then it is possible.

Selecting the correct technology for your new venture

Proper planning is essential to the success of any small town business.

You need a plan that you’ll be happy with for years and not just an idea on paper. Click To Tweet