Handle multi-channel sales and POS with a single solution

Inverge allows you to sell everywhere, including physical locations, while maintaining accurate inventory levels and sales tracking in a single place. Set and change prices for different channels and even take payments directly from our app-based POS.

Sales Channel & POS

Unlimited sales channels

All major platforms, including your own site and physical locations, all connected and tracked within Inverge.

One click product publishing

Complex mapping of the product type and detailed information are standardized allowing product creation in a single click for any channel.

Product data synchronization

All aspects of product information, including pricing and other details, all synchronized on all online sales channels.

Custom pricing rules on a channel by channel basis

Develop and implement a channel pricing strategy that maximizes profit, taking all third-party fees into account.

Inventory synchronization

See live inventory levels as Inverge synchronizes your sales across each of your retail channels.

Order & Return management

Streamline both orders and returns to avoid wasted time on picking, processing, and shipping your products.

Fulfillment updates

Keep your customers in the know with relevant update notifications about order location, shipping status, and more.

App based POS

Sell your products literally anywhere, from pop-up shops and in-person events with a mobile point-of-sale system.


Don’t worry, the integrations for tools you love to use are ready and waiting inside Inverge