Real-time visibility into your brand's performance directly
from your retailers' POS systems.

Explore a comprehensive and uncomplicated tool designed to help retailers and brands maximize their profits.

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There are many benefits to having this data but the clearest line to more money would be knowing, in real-time, what product is selling at a high rate so your brand can refill those items while the demand is high.
Inverge will be able to provide all sales and stock information relevant to your brand only. Things like sell through rate, on hand stock levels, total sales and top performing categories. We do this at a macro and micro level, meaning global brand performance all the way to individual retailer performance.
When a brand signs up for the Inverge Performance Dashboard they will be sharing their catalog data directly to the retailers POS systems. This means all the reporting will come back up to the brand EXACTLY as you need it to make informed and timely decisions.
For the brand, Inverge natively connects to your rich product catalog data. This can be a Shopify store, a NetSuite account, or any other ERP or shopping cart system. Your retailers will simply need a cloud-based POS system like Shopify, Lightspeed, Square, etc.
First, Inverge will connect to your brand's rich data source. Once that happens, your brand can share the catalog (either a custom portion of your catalog or the entire catalog) with any retailer they wish by inviting them to join the program via email. The emailed invitation will include a link that the retailer will click and then be connected via a simple app. They will then add their credentials, authorize the connection, and that's it. As soon as the catalog is synced, sales and stock data start to flow to the brand's dashboard immediately.
There are a few major benefits on the retailer side, the first and most obvious is the time saved on data entry. Retailers will never have to enter any product data into their POS for your brand again, saving time and money. Another key benefit is brand visibility, if brands and sales teams have this visibility the retailer essentially gains a team of people helping them increase sales, margin and sell through. More money for everyone!

$0 to over a $1M in the first year with Inverge

Our business' efficiency scaled dramatically when we were able to get rid of the 3 other platform we were using and allow Inverge to handle our real time inventory management, sales channels and fulfillment. This also gave us sophisticated data on how we're doing so we can make better decisions.



Inverge has supported my very custom needs at every step

The all-inclusive nature of the system allows me to focus more on business operations instead of many various platforms, while still having flexibility to integrate with external business partners. I couldn’t have made it to this stage of my business without them!



Helping us expand our footprint

We needed to find a way to diversify our business and grow our D2C side without changing how we've been doing business for decades. Inverge was fundamental in helping us grow. The only way we would have done it without then would have been to spend a lot on hiring a new department.