Product Information Management for seamless accuracy and tracking

Speed up your product information management without losing the accuracy and quality of your product details. Easily categorize comprehensive, multi-variant items as well as quickly reprice goods by channel or across your entire line.

Product Information Management

Multi-variant products

All major platforms, including your own site and physical locations, all connected and tracked within Inverge.

Product bundles

Increase the average ticket price and move more product by quickly creating new product bundles.

Automated import and completion

Import products directly from brands, websites, or file transfers and use external sources for missing details including images and descriptions.

Bulk product management

Make store-wide price changes or simply tweak an SEO-related tag across all items in your inventory with bulk management.

Comprehensive categorization

Add simple defaults for detailed product types, including common size data, for fast and accurate product creation.

Customizable details based on product type

Decide the standard data points that allow for quicker filtering and standard product listings across channels.

Image studio

Do your own photography the right way including queuing photos for retouching before publishing the product.

Repricing tools

Regular price changes are sometimes necessary to remain competitive, and Inverge includes the tools to do so quickly.


Don’t worry, the integrations for tools you love to use are ready and waiting inside Inverge