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7 Tips To Successfully Dropship Pet Products

Have you struggled to figure out how to manage your pet dropshipping business?

You’re not alone.


pet dropshipping

Dropshipping is an excellent option for e-commerce businesses because it’s low cost, and there are so many options out there. But to make your business stand out, you need the right product mix.

One way to stand out in the pet dropshipping and pet supplies dropshipping business is by selling high-quality products that fall into this particular niche. This strategy has benefits such as marketing strategies, and resources can be reduced because of having more defined target markets.

Selling pet products has always been a popular niche to explore. With the increase in people adopting or buying pets, it is safe to say that this will continue.

I’ve been in the pet industry for a while now, and it seems like there is no end to what we can do. If you haven’t set up your online store yet, ensure that you’re not wasting any time!

Once you’re ready to start dropshipping pet supplies, make sure your product list is stocked with these seven tips:

pet dropshipping

Pet Dropshipping Tip #1: Choose A Range of  Products

The first step in starting your dropshipping business is to choose the products you will sell. For example, pet supplies can be a significant category, so you must focus on specific types of pets.

Consider things like dog collars and leashes or focus on more exotic pets. Click To Tweet

You could also sell unique products different from what is typically found in pet stores.

This is just a quick tip for those wondering what type of pet products to sell. Once you know, your search for suppliers and target market will be much easier.


Pet Dropshipping Tip #2: Choose a Supplier

There are two different types of suppliers:

  • Manufacturers: If you’re looking for bulk-order wholesale products, look into drop shipping programs. Pet Life Central and Mirage are two manufacturers that offer this service.
  • Wholesalers: One way to start a business is by getting into the wholesaling industry. This means that you would buy products from manufacturers and then sell them on websites like Amazon for profit, without needing any warehouses or customer service reps.


Pet Dropshipping Tip #3: Do Detailed Research on Your Target Market

I’ve found that the best way to sell your product is by understanding who it’s for. Creating a buyer persona helps you understand your target customer’s demographics, buying habits, and psychographics.

Do some research into the industry to see what you can do for people. You might want to look at purchasing patterns and trends to understand better how your product will be received.


Pet Dropshipping Tip #4: Adopt Competitive Pricing

Selling pet products through dropshipping can be a tough niche. You need to make sure you have competitive prices, or else it’s not worth the effort.

Shop around for the best price possible and make sure you’re charging enough to turn a profit. Fixed percentage markup or tiered markup strategies work well.

When you’re looking at a product, it’s essential to consider all the costs that come with it. Things like shipping fees and marketing campaigns can eat up your profits.


Pet Dropshipping Tip #5: Know The Best Place to Sell Products

When you’re thinking about where to sell your pet supplies, take a look at the pros and cons of each platform. Here are some options:

Selling on Amazon will require more work in managing inventory and pricing strategies because they control when your products show up in search results.

  • eBay: Selling on eBay is a great way to get your business off the ground. The company’s large customer base and lack of marketing costs can increase profits, but be aware that seller fees will cut into those earnings.
  • Amazon: Selling on Amazon is just like selling items on eBay. The setup is straightforward, but there’s no room for customization for listing fees that can range from 10 to 15%.
  • Personal Website: If you’re looking for a website to use with your dropshipping business, consider building it yourself and utilizing an open-source platform like WordPress. Not only will this help you save money on third-party fees that cut into profit margins, but it also gives complete control over customization.


Pet Dropshipping Tip #6: Use Clear Product Photos

The majority of shoppers will not take the time to read your descriptions or reviews. When starting on any platform, make sure you spend some extra time taking photos so that customers can see what they are buying.

To take a good picture of your pet with its owner, try to use natural light and edit the photo. Click To Tweet


Pet Dropshipping Tip #7: Utilize Social Media Marketing

If you’re new to dropshipping, one of the best ways to get your business up and running is by using social media. It’s free advertising with a broad reach.

Keep your customers engaged by creating content on various channels and giving out freebies to influencers. This will create brand awareness.


You may be tempted to think that you can use dropshipping automation software on your own, but the truth is it’s not always worth the time. As a business owner, I recommend outsourcing tedious tasks to have more free time for yourself.