Retail at scale,
easy as pie

Inverge allows retailers to quickly add products by instantly pulling catalog data, see detailed reports for sales and orders, handle the shipping labels and tracking, even use an integrated POS — managing everything by signing into a single tool.

The entire retail sales operation in a single place

No more jumping from platform to platform. No more building spreadsheets yourself. Bring all your channels and data together in one dashboard for inventory, sales, point-of-sale, and shipping.

Tools for now. Tools for scale

Have everything you need to improve your current operation and look to the next level of your business whether it’s adding sales channels, launching your own products, or seriously expanding what you offer — it’s all in your toolbox.

See what’s happening and use it to improve

Understand inventory levels, see all sales by channel, and keep track of all shipping information. Use the intel for better decision making and more accurate forecasting — improving purchase orders, hiring decisions, and plans for expansion.

Solutions for Retailers

Starting at

$79 /month

Inverge’s retail solutions keep your entire operation, regardless of size and complexity, in a single place. From Purchase Order to POS, from the warehouse to the customer’s door — see how we can simplify your business both now and as you grow.

Omnichannel Product Info Management

Inventory Synchronization & Monitoring

Detailed Reporting

All of this has saved us countless hours & labor costs

Most importantly, we didn't miss the opportunity we had in front of us to grow.



They make it possible for me to manage two locations and four online selling channels with a small team

It's like having the power of 20 people at my fingertips (and no mistakes).



22% increase in sales without an increase in overhead

When it comes to retail these guys have it worked out. Hands on service from professionals that really understand the struggles of us retailers.