Inverge for brands

Get your brand out to the world,
all from one place

Use Inverge to standardize your product catalog, see global stock performance in real-time, and gain more retailers with options like direct fulfillment and smart POs — all from a single dashboard.

Expand your brand by empowering retailers

Retailers are the distribution force of your brand. Increase your reach by giving your retail partners the power to instantly pull your product catalog into their online stores, make POs based on accurate data, and offer to fulfill orders via dropship or direct-to-consumer shipping.

Know what your customers buy and where they’re located

Better understand your customers, what products are hot, and where they’re hottest. Use the intel for better marketing decisions, material purchasing and finding retailers in your best performing geographic areas.

Improve the future by seeing trends in real time

See that your products are in-stock and selling and even move inventory from low-turnover locations to higher-volume retailers — so they keep coming back for more — maximizing your brand’s reach.

Solutions for Brands

As low as

$0 /month

See how the full line of Inverge’s brand solutions empower you to maintain your growing catalog, manage and improve sales performance, and entice more retailers to add your products to their stores.

Retailer Management

Unified Product Catalog Management

Universal Sales Tracking

Our Clients

$0 to over a $1M in the first year with Inverge

Our business' efficiency scaled dramatically when we were able to get rid of the 3 other platform we were using and allow Inverge to handle our real time inventory management, sales channels and fulfillment. This also gave us sophisticated data on how we're doing so we can make better decisions.



Inverge has supported my very custom needs at every step

The all-inclusive nature of the system allows me to focus more on business operations instead of many various platforms, while still having flexibility to integrate with external business partners.  I couldn’t have made it to this stage of my business without them! 



Helping us expand our footprint

We needed to find a way to diversify our business and grow our D2C side without changing how we've been doing business for decades. Inverge was fundamental in helping us grow. The only way we would have done it without then would have been to spend a lot on hiring a new department.