3x your inventory turnover with inventory analysis

Use Inverge’s free inventory analyzer and compare your inventory to other marketplaces. See where you have too much, too little, and the moves that’ll increase turnover and therefore cash in your pocket

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Higher inventory turnover with automated analysis

Stale inventory sucks

The longer skus sit, the more it costs to store them. Plus, over time you’re much less likely to get suggested retail

Low turnover = lower margins

The speed (or lack thereof) directly impacts the profitability of your shop. Sitting on excess eats into your margins.

Manual analysis takes time

Taking a look at inventory levels isn’t enough. It takes a deep look across multiple marketplaces to figure out the best pricing actions.

See winners and losers. Know what to liquidate and what products to double down on improving turnover in the months and years ahead.

Take action to discount. See slow movers and compare pricing to other sellers and marketplaces to adjust pricing to avoid additional liquidations.

Comprehensive alerts/reporting options. Get regular inventory analysis reports so you’re always ready to make the right moves.

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