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The Sweet and Simple Guide to Opening an Ice Cream Shop

Many people dream of having an ice cream business or opening an ice cream shop. It is common for most who have a sweet tooth to stand in one and admire the delicious flavors, smiling faces, etc.

I’ve always loved ice cream, and I thought that starting my own business would be the perfect opportunity to create a product line with flavors as unique as mine. In addition, being your boss is great because you can work from home or wherever you please. So, how to open an ice cream shop?

Everybody loves ice cream, but there is a new trend of going to places that sell artisanal and homemade premium ice creams. It seems like the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to start their own business because it’s so popular right now. But before you jump into this market, make sure you know your goals first. How to open an ice cream shop?

Make the most memorable menu for your guests

If you want to get more customers and make a profit, then use these free menu templates. They will show off your personality while also enticing guests.

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Do you know your product?

Before opening an ice cream business, you need to know the process of making it. The most important thing is whether or not you are passionate about what goes into your product and that means knowing all aspects of its creation- from flavor consistency to delivery methods.


Do you really know your product?

Artisanal ice cream is made with the best ingredients, which make it different from typical commercial brands. A lot of thought goes into what type of air gets added to an artisanal tub and how much flavoring will be in each scoop. It’s important for there to be enough room at the top so that when you stick your spoon in, it can go through all layers but not too much or else there won’t even be any actual food.

It’s important to research the industry before opening an ice cream business and shop. Click To Tweet

The National Ice Cream Retailers Association offers tips and tricks for getting started, as well as information on what equipment you’ll need.


Can you deal with seasonality?

The ice cream industry is very seasonal. It’s a struggle to keep your store open because of the lack of business during off seasons and even when you are in season, it’s hard to make enough money.

Seasonality is a huge factor when considering the location of your business. If you’re opening an ice cream parlor in a city with cold winters, then it’s likely that the bulk of your sales will come during summer months.

The important takeaway is that you need to be able to scale your business quickly and efficiently in the summer, store away enough money for a winter season when it’s slower, then run an efficient operation during this time. Can you adapt?


Are you ready for all the paperwork and permits?

If you want to open a restaurant, then get ready for paperwork. Depending on where you live, there are different rules and regulations that need to be met before opening your doors. You can expect certain things like permits or zoning laws will always apply.

There are a lot of things you need to do before opening an ice cream business and shop. One thing is getting your business license, which will vary depending on the city or county where you live in. You’ll also want to read up on local health and safety laws so that your place can pass inspection when it comes time for one.


Do you know your customers’ tastes?

It’s important to offer flavors that will appeal to the widest range of customers, but it is also good business sense not to stock unpopular options. If you carry your most popular flavor and nothing else, people may stop coming back.

To find the best ice cream flavors, visit other parlors in your city. What are they out of? Which ones have melted into a soupy mess because no one wanted them? Think about what you can offer that others don’t to help yourself stand out from the crowd. Some shops like Grom pride themselves on making classic flavors with an upscale twist while Ben & Jerry’s likes experimenting with crazy new things. Only by trying different combinations will you know which work for you so it might be time to invest in some equipment and start churning.

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Or how much to charge?

More and more ice cream business and shops are moving away from the classic 99-cent scoop. This gives you an opportunity to make a healthy margin on your store if it is run efficiently.


Can you let go of the reins?

It’s common for new business owners to do everything themselves, but that can lead to burnout. Click To Tweet

Hiring people is an important part of running a successful company.


Do you know what the best location is? 

You might think that the best location for an ice cream business and shop is in a central, high-traffic area. But keep in mind; if you are located downtown, you will be paying year round rent when it may not get any customers during winter months.


Get your ice cream dream ready with the right information and tools 

Starting an ice cream business is not as easy as it seems. If you want to be successful, there are a lot of things that need consideration before opening your own shop. But if you’re determined and ready for the hard work, don’t let anything stand in your way!

If you’ve answered these questions, then congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming the ice cream business owner that you always dreamed of being. When it comes time for starting up and getting started with all things related to running a successful ice cream shop, we will be here waiting in anticipation. Let’s talk.