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How to Pick Profitable Dropshipping Ideas

If you’re like me, then you’re always on the lookout for great dropshipping ideas. I’m always scouring the internet, looking for new and interesting products to sell online. And I have to say, Shopify is a great place to find inspiration. There are so many amazing stores out there that it’s hard not to get inspired!

One of the things I love about Shopify is that there are stores for just about everything imaginable. Whether you’re looking for business products or 3D printing services, chances are there’s a store on Shopify that has what you need. And in today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the top Shopify dropshipping ideas out there.

Building a Successful Dropshipping Business Online

As an aspiring dropshipping entrepreneur, you may be wondering how you can be sure that the products you’re looking to sell are the best ones to start with. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for certain. However, following some key tips and guidance can help increase your chances of success.

The difference between a successful business owner and a dreamer is the willingness to move forward despite the uncertainty of it all.

Don’t be afraid to do your homework and research all the ​​dropshipping items before making a decision. Gather as much information as possible and then make the best decision you can. Moving forward despite your hesitations and fears is the best way to succeed in building a successful dropshipping business online.

If you wait until all uncertainty is resolved with “the perfect product,” you’ll probably never start.

Researching Dropshipping Niche Analytics Tools

Dropshipping niche analytic tools can help you to understand which products are selling well in a specific niche, and identify potential new products to stock in your store. Additionally, using analytic tools can help you to understand your customers’ buying habits so that you can create targeted marketing campaigns that will convert more shoppers into buyers.

Let’s take a look at the features your market research software should have.

Dropshipping Research Tool

AlieExpress is one of the largest online marketplaces globally, with billions of products listed on the site and thousands of individual suppliers. The China-based company offers a wide variety of items, making it a great place to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for profitable niches, manual research is probably not the best approach. The online marketplace is constantly changing, so it can be tough to keep up with demand. Instead of guessing, consider using a tool that can help you track market trends.

The tool you use for your research on drop shipping will need to automate the analysis of products on AliExpress.

FindNiche is the perfect tool for dropshippers who want to get an edge on the competition. Its analytic ability to curate AliExpress and sectionalize product demand based on performance, number of orders, the potential return on investment, and several indices gives users valuable insights into what products are in high demand and worth investing in.

FindNiche is the perfect tool for dropshippers who want to get an edge on the competition. With its analytic ability to curate AliExpress and sectionalize product demand, FindNiche gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions about which products to invest in. By keeping up-to-date with market demand, you can be sure that you’re always ahead of the curve!

Niche Research

Finding a niche can be painful for dropshippers, but using a product’s market research feature can help you discover a profitable and competitive edge.

FindNiche is a powerful tool that can help you find profitable niches within a short amount of time. It’s important to remember that sometimes less popular niches can be more profitable than trendier ones.

Analyzing Top Shopify Stores

There is always competition in any industry, no matter how unpopular it may be. Large companies with more resources and experience can easily beat start-ups and SMEs.

Also, you can compare your store with theirs to spot what you get right or wrong. If you’re running a business on Shopify, there’s a good chance that your competitors are too. This exposes key information that can be used to your advantage. With FindNiche’s ability to analyze top Shopify stores, you can gain insights into your competitor’s product sales and ad performances. This way, you can identify what they’re doing right and where you have an opportunity to improve.

You can also compare your score to others to spot what you are doing well and what you could improve.

How to Pick Dropshipping Ideas

Some products are easier to sell on a dropshipper platform, like Shopify, due to factors like the margin, reliability, and demand for the product.

Without proper research, you won’t be able to properly analyze your market. This, in turn, will make it difficult for you to find success.

Before you invest your hard-earned money in a new business, you should take the time to think about each move you make. It’s important to know the difference between mark-up and profit margin, so before you invest in any inventory, be sure to calculate the profit you want to make.

When starting a dropshipping business, it’s essential to calculate your profit margins before investing any money into inventory. The difference between your profit margin and your mark-up is that your profit margin is the money you keep from each transaction, while your mark-up is how much you’re charging for each item.

You’ll want to set separate wholesale prices for each of your products. If you don’t, you may accidentally charge too much and lose profits.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products to Sell

Not all customers are the same. Some big-spending clients don’t ask much, while smaller purchases from other customers often come with a lot of demands.

When looking to dropship, finding items that will appeal to your target demographic can be very beneficial to your business. Items that are worth dropshipping tend to be those that appeal to this group of people, so make sure to do your research and find what these items are.

1. Hobbyist Products

Hobbies are a serious business, and people can spend a lot on them. For example, some cyclists have bikes that are more expensive than their cars, and fishermen can spend a lot of money on fishing gear.

Finding the right hobbyist niche and making connections with enthusiasts can be very profitable

2. Business Products

If at all possible, try to sell products that appeal to both individual customers and businesses. Business clients are often more price-sensitive than individual consumers, but they will almost always order in larger quantities. Once you’ve established a rapport and earned their trust, you open the door to a long-term, high-volume profitable relationship. Whenever possible, try to sell products that appeal to both individual customers and businesses. This way, you can maximize your profits.

3. Products with Repeat Purchases

If you sell products that need to be frequently replaced or refilled, you can enjoy rapid growth by building a loyal customer base that returns to make purchases regularly. This recurring revenue is extremely valuable and provides a solid foundation for your business to grow upon.

25 Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas

If you are struggling to pick a profitable e-commerce business, then this list of 25 trending products may be of use to you.

The niches on this list are in no particular order. So, if you pick one that appeals to you, you’re on the right track.

1. Tiny House Furnishings

As people continue to look for ways to save space in their houses, a minimalist lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular.

You can take advantage of the popularity of minimalist design by starting an online store that sells furniture and accessories that will save customers’ space in their houses. You can tap into this popular trend by selling items that help to maximize organization and functionality in a customer’s home.

2. Wireless Charging

As wireless charging becomes more and more popular, people are looking for ways to incorporate it into their lives. Wireless chargers offer a convenient way to charge devices without the hassle of cords and plugs. This makes them perfect for busy people on the go who want to be able to quickly and easily charge their devices.

More and more devices are supporting wireless charging, and people are starting to buy wireless chargers specifically for their devices like their earphones, headsets, and watches.

3. Home Gym Equipment

With the coronavirus pandemic, people are now practicing “social distancing” and should maintain a safe distance from others.

The home gym niche may not be at its highest interest level right now, but it still receives more interest than before the pandemic! For those who want to avoid close contact or are simply too busy to go to the gym, working out at home is a great option. It’s more convenient and eliminates any risk of infection.

The home gym niche has seen a decline in interest since the pandemic started, but it is still more popular than it was before.

4. Fishing Equipment

This is an example of a great business that you can start if you love to fish!

As enthusiastic anglers, many fishers are willing to spend a great deal of money on the latest fishing gear. This is especially the case for weekend warriors, who are always looking for new ways to make their hobby more fun.

5. Organic Products

With sustainability becoming an increasingly important topic, people are looking for ways to reduce their use of plastics.

Eco-friendly alternatives are becoming more and more popular, and people are looking for products like biodegradable toothbrushes, reusable cotton rounds, and eco-friendly drinking straws.

6. 3D Printing

According to The Future of Global 3D Printing to 2027 report, the 3D printing industry is set for explosive growth over the next decade. They estimate an annual growth rate of 23%, which means that more and more people will be looking into the technology.

3D printing is estimated to have a market value of $35.8 billion by 2027!

7. Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more consumers are looking into them.

As our busy lives become more and more complicated, we look for ways we can simplify things. One way to do this is by investing in smart devices that can do the mundane, repetitive tasks that take up so much of our time. Some examples of this are smart thermostats, automated lawn sprinklers, and robotic vacuum cleaners. By purchasing these products, we can free ourselves up to do more important things.

When dealing with electronics, it’s important to make sure that they are of high quality to avoid returns or complaints. By ensuring that they are of a good standard, you can prevent any negative outcomes and guarantee your customers are satisfied.

8. High-End Water Bottles

A growing number of people are becoming aware of the benefits of drinking water and staying healthy.

There are different types of bottles out there, each with its own set of features. Some help you keep track of how much you should be drinking water throughout the day. Others, like ones made of stainless steel, keep your water colder for longer. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s definitely a bottle out there for you!

9. Personal Health

The medical industry is a great market. People may have various health issues such as back pain and neck pain.

These are big problems for these people and can’t just walk away. This is why they will always buy products that will fix their problem, like a good back brace, a shoulder massage, or an electric muscle stimulator!

10. Pet Supplies

There will always be a market for pets, so the pet niche will always do well.

Some people love their animals so much that they’d rather spend money on them than on themselves.

Pet marketing is lucrative because there are always new products coming out, and you can choose to specialize in any kind of animal.

11. Home Desk Accessories

With the spread of Covid-19, more people are now working from home. So this might be a good time to consider starting a dropshipping store in this niche.

12. Car Accessories

If you’re a motor enthusiast, you know how important it is to have a car that’s both aesthetically pleasing and mechanically sound. But it’s not just about how the car looks and feels; having the tools to fix or maintain it is also important. And let’s not forget other automotive products like seat covers, roof racks, or tire gauges.

The automotive aftermarket industry is huge and there are so many products out there for auto lovers!

13. Amateur Photography

People who enjoy photography often spend a lot of money on photographic equipment.

You can offer additional products, such as lighting, backdrops, and props.

If you’re a photographer looking to break into the e-commerce world, this is an awesome niche market for you! You can leverage your knowledge and experience to pick out the best items, and the process will be much more fun. Give it a shot!

Start blogging about this, and you could even gain further authority on that topic!

14. Sportswear

If you can find a great supplier of high-quality sportswear at a good price, your store will have a lot of potential! With the right marketing and product selection, you could become one of the biggest brands on Shopify.

Gymshark is one of the most successful sportswear stores because of its great marketing, website, and products. It started out as a small online dropshipping store but has now transitioned to having its own supply chain. This is an inspiring story for anyone looking to start their own business.

There are a few things to keep in mind when dropshipping sports apparel. Sizing can be a problem, so make sure you have a wide range of options. Also, returns can be a hassle, so make sure your products are high quality.

15. Home Decor

There are many things that make the home décor industry a great niche, but one of the best things is its broad range.

Your online store will have thousands of products, including wall decor, lamps, picture frames, and decorative accessories. You can even customize which holidays your store focuses on, such as Valentine’s Day or Easter.

16. Cycling Accessories

The bicycle industry is another great example of a profitable niche market.

Cycling enthusiasts like to cycle throughout the year. You can sell them items like water bottles, bicycle lights, tools, pumps, and heated gloves.

17. Kitchen Tools

In this industry, I’m constantly amazed at all the different tools and solutions people use to make cooking easier for the rest of us. There are just so many cool gadgets out there!

If you sell a product that helps solve a common problem or save time for busy cooks, then you’ll have a good shot at being successful with it!

18. Yoga Supplies

People who care about their health and well-being tend to succeed in business. If you have an interest in this and have a religious or philosophical angle, this could be a great topic for you.

19. Outdoor Kitchen (BBQ)

When the weather is nice, many people like to cook outside.

Many products make outdoor grilling easier and more enjoyable. These include barbecue tools, such as skewers, brushes, and mitts.

One potential downside to this niche is that it may be seen as seasonal. However, if you are selling products globally, you can focus your marketing efforts on regions where it is currently summer. This way, you can take advantage of the nice weather!

20. Storage Containers

There are dozens of products out there to keep your fruits safe, from reusable plastic or fabric produce bags and boxes to more specialized products like the FreshPaper, which absorbs ethylene gas.

There are lots of different containers out there, so you’ll need to do a bit of research before settling on one. Silicone meal-prep boxes or lids are two options. Do some market research and decide which container will be the most popular with your target audience.

21. Toys and Puzzles

Whenever people are bored, they often look for something to do. Playing a game with someone can be fun, or doing a puzzle can be a good way to pass the time.

There are many products out there for this market. For example, this product was popular at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, as everyone was at home looking for something to do.

22. Hand Tools and Accessories

People will always need to be able to fix things that are broken around them.

Hand tools come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for many different purposes.

23. Indoor Gardening Equipment

The Financial Times has shown that houseplants have seen a recent surge in popularity. This is likely due to both their normal uses in house decor, as well as their new popularity in cultivating cannabis plants.

Now, you have the unique opportunity to make a one-of-a-kind e-commerce business by picking a niche market.

24. Camping Equipment

We’ve covered a lot of niches so far, but we’re finally going to talk about the Camping Niche.

This niche market is diverse, allowing you to sell a variety of products.

If you’re looking to increase sales, try offering your customers the option to buy more products at once. Often, customers who go hiking or backpacking will want to buy several of the same items at once, which will save you on shipping!

25. Babies and Toddlers

We’re at the end of our article, but we’re not done yet!

Dropshipping with baby items can be a lucrative and fun niche to be in. Many items could be sold in this niche, such as diapers, baby clothes, and baby toys.

As a parent, you want what’s best for your baby. That’s why you’re willing to spend money on high-quality, convenient baby products.

While this is a great market, keep in mind that your products are for babies, so make sure they are of good quality.

While it’s tempting to sell popular products like pacifiers and bottles, you should only sell products that are safe for infants.


So there you have it – some of the top dropshipping ideas for Shopify stores. I hope this list has inspired you to start your own store and begin dropshipping!