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How To Decorate Your Retail Store For The Holidays [Pics]

It is no secret that people are hesitant to spend money these days. But when they come into your store, it will be the little details in decoration and design that can help seal a sale. What you must do? You need to decorate the shop. 

The changing of the seasons is always a good time for retailers to create new and exciting things. One of the most telling signs that Christmas is near is when people go crazy buying holiday lights because they make us feel hopeful about life.

This holiday season, it is so important to have hope.

I also learned that just showing off a new skillet or hosting an exclusive event is not enough to attract buyers.

Curiosity about new products is a powerful sales motivator.

Nowadays, we are all on the lookout for any sign of hope and normalcy. We want to feel like things are getting back to a familiar rhythm that gives us some sense of security in this chaotic world.

Christmas Is a Time of the Year Where Stores Can Make a Statement About How Magical and Wonderous They Are.

Fathers can be heroes.

Mom could be a queen, you know?

You can not always get what you want, but with a credit card and some spare cash, it is not too hard to buy that gadget.

If you are not close to your aunt, just send her a token of love. It is way better than buying them some crappy gift card at the local 7-11.

If Your Store Looks the Same December 10 as It Did September 10, That Is Less Likely to Happen.

But let me be clear, this is not for the big spenders.

While Saks and Tiffany’s can afford one-of-a-kind window displays, these stores are not able to make any changes to their decor. It is important to decorate shop for retails to create a different shopping environment that customers will enjoy.

I always tell people to start out with a bang, go big early on and give it all.

This year, I want you to decorate the shop with bright colors. String them across buildings and windows in the streets.

In a bid to make my rustic store visually appealing, I wound colored lights around dried grapevine which created an overhead wonderland as you walked in and through the main aisle.

The decorations and windows in this store are so magical that they make me want to stay inside rather than just walk by.

What do you need to make your store more appealing for today is society?

Here Are the Four Main Things That You Need to Keep In Mind When You Are Planning to Decorate Shop for the Holidays:

1. Lights.

I am not the type of person to just go with what is popular. I do not do it because everyone else is doing it, and that does not mean anything if you are trying to build a unique brand.

The more lights throughout your store, the better. It attracts customers and it makes them feel welcomed.

2. Colors of the Season.

 Different seasons call for different colors. I am not talking about the leaves changing color in autumn, but rather what you should do with your store’s decorating to celebrate that season.

3. Props That Are Fit to Tell a Story

It is not just about having a prop. You have to be sure that the props you choose are going to make sense with your story.

 For a national celebration, it is easy to decorate a shop – just think of your country’s flag on Independence Day. You can not do too much for Christmas with fragile ornaments and big trees but you could put Santa hats on mannequins!

When baseball season starts, the stores start stocking up on gloves and bats to go along with balls.

4. The Best Way to Decorate Shop for the Holiday Season Is With Some Festive Signage. 

Signs are not just for business. They are also an important part of seasonal marketing.

When it comes to store signs, so many merchants either avoid or forget them. But you need a sign if you want people to come in and buy things from your business during the holidays. So I am going mountain biking with my helmet on, my GoPro is recording everything that is happening – because this video will be posted online for everyone else who needs help deciding what kind of gift they should get their dad.

These are some of the best examples I have seen for a company that cares about seasonal and holiday events.

One of my favorite stores in Staunton, VA is Pufferbellies because they know how to create the right atmosphere for Christmas. 

The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas also knew that they needed to invest and capture the magic of wonder. Below is a look into what this luxury mall did.

What Should You Avoid at All Costs?

  • Clutter is everywhere. It is tempting to just let customers figure it out but we are living in a time of crisis and need the best employees, not ones who are barely surviving.
  • Going for the cheapest option on everything, including paper table decorations and quality. This will make customers think that you are trying to cut corners by not taking care of their needs or providing returns.
  • A picture is so much better than the real thing. You can buy it and display it yourself.
  • Your old, worn-out decorations are an eyesore. You want to make your home look new and inviting for guests or potential buyers. Vintage decor is nice but it is not worth the risk of having people think you live in a garage sale.

It is not enough to just say you are open to all religions; your store and policies must reflect this welcoming sentiment.

You may have to put in some effort, but it is worth the payoff. Who wants to do something that they have done before?

In Conclusion, 

The reason that merchants are so eager to be competitive to decorate shop during the holidays is that they know that people get excited when there is a sense of wonder in their lives. It gets them out of their comfort zone and back into feeling childlike again.

Take a look at the cost of full-on decorations in your retail store as an investment. A place that deserves shoppers’ time, curiosity, and cash.

It is hard to believe that in a world with an impending pandemic, people are still out exploring.

When you decorate shop right, shoppers will be your best friend and marketing arm.

Cheap things have a way of looking and feeling cheap. You can not be the best at everything so it is better to focus on one thing.

You can still be creative with your holiday display and make it fresh by thinking ahead.

When you are setting up your space, do not be afraid to add more lights than necessary. It can make a big difference in the quality of light and how people feel.