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How to Create a SKU for Your Business: A Complete Guide

As a business owner, you know that every product needs an SKU. if you are wondering how to create a SKU number for your products there’s no need to – we’ve got you covered.

In this quick and easy guide, we’ll teach you how to create a SKU for your products and make the best use of them.

What Does a SKU Look Like?

The SKU for this product would be “Sm-terraa-bk-6.” The first two letters (“Sm”) indicate the manufacturer, Steve Madden. The next word (“terraa”) is the name of the shoe. The following letter (“bk”) describes the color, black. Finally, the number (“6”) is the size.

The 6 is for the size. The sku for the steve madden brown tessa sandals for women is “sm-tessa-bk”.

The size of the shoe is “6”.

The following text is a description of a product. The SKU number for a 2010 Harley Davidson rear axle kit that is made by Alloy Art is: The SKU number for a 2010 Harley Davidson rear axle kit that is made by Alloy Art is: 010-HD-AA

“0,” is the version number. “B,” is the color code for black. Aa rak 1 0 B

2010 is the year of HD, which stands for the harley davidson brand of motorcycles.

Importance of Using SKUs

1. Creating SKUs is an Industry Standard

When it comes to running a business, SKUs are essential. They are a standard in the industry and are required in order to be competitive. If you don’t have SKUs, your business is at a disadvantage.

If you’re not using SKUs, you’re falling behind. SKUs are essential for any kind of multi-channel selling because platforms like Amazon won’t let you list a product without one. Don’t get left in the dust – start using SKUs today!

2 | They convey information quickly

SKU codes are an efficient way of communicating product information in a way that helps everyone quickly understand what the product is. They are a form of shorthand that can effectively communicate the key product details at a glance.

SKU numbers are an essential part of keeping your warehouse organized and efficient. By allowing you to search, track, and reference products quickly, they help you save time on every task in the warehouse. From receiving new inventory to shipping orders out to customers, SKU numbers help you get the job done faster.

There are a number of procedures that take place in a warehouse over the course of a product’s life, and SKUs can be used in each of these steps to save time. By shaving seconds or even minutes off the time it takes to complete a task, you can save hours every week.

When you consider the seconds that you save on each phone call, multiplied by the number of times you complete each action, you’re saving hours. And that’s important to remember because, as we all know, money is time and your time is valuable.

4 | They increase accuracy in warehouse procedures

One benefit of using SKU codes is that businesses can take inventory much more accurately. This is because SKU codes allow businesses to track inventory electronically in a multitude of ways. Barcode scanning, for example, is 99.99% accurate. In contrast, it’s difficult to say how accurate warehouse workers are in taking inventory manually.

5 | They improve quality control

When everyone in your warehouse reads SKU numbers, it decreases the number of problems that occur because of miscommunication. Miscommunication is the main source of human error.

Concise communication is key in any work environment, but especially in a warehouse setting. By using SKUs, you can help to prevent miscommunication and human error. This will lead to fewer problems with orders being incorrect, and will help to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

How To Create A SKU

When it comes to creating SKUs, there is no universal system. However, this guide will help you get started understanding some SKU naming conventions. I recommend that you read it and then figure out a system that works best for your business.

Create a Format for Your SKUs

The first step to creating SKU is to establish a standard format to follow. This includes deciding what numbers and identifiers will be included, and in what order. By doing this, you can ensure that all of your SKU numbers are consistent and easy to read.

Yes, we will include the brand name and color.

What attributes does your product have that distinguish it from other products? Include the manufacturer’s part number to ensure customers can easily find the right product for their needs.

You’ll always know how to read a SKU because the product attributes will always be in the same order and place.


Create a Coding System

You’ll need to create and maintain a code list to help in inventory tracking. This should include codes for things like manufacturer, brand, color, and size.

You can maintain a list of codes for manufacturers, brands, colors, and sizes on a spreadsheet. In one column, list the manufacturers and brands that you carry. Assign a code to each of them in the adjacent column.

The main benefit of having standard identifier codes for your SKUs is that you and your employees will be able to memorize them over time. This way, you’ll be able to quickly read and interpret SKUs without any confusion.

A code system for your inventory items makes identifying them easier. Instead of needing long, detailed descriptions for each product, you can just use the code.

So, save your long, detailed, and clickbait titles for marketplaces and websites!

Creating product SKUs can be a great way to track your inventory and grow your business. It may seem like a daunting task, but it’s definitely worth it!

But, your company is worth the investment!


As a business owner, its important to know how to create a SKU for your products. First, decide what coding system you want to use – this will make it easier to track and manage your inventory. Next, think about how you can make your SKU unique – remember, this is what sets your product apart from the competition.

Finally, don’t forget to include all the essential information in your SKU so that customers can easily identify and purchase your product. With these tips in mind, creating a SKU for your business should be quick and easy!