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How to Build a WooCommerce Dropshipping Business in an Hour

WooCommerce dropshipping is a decent solution for anyone looking to start a successful dropshipping business, as long as you’re proficient in WordPress. It does have everything you need to get started, including integration with AliExpress and Amazon, WooCommerce dropshipping is the plugin for you.

If you’re looking to grow your e-commerce store, then these simple tricks will help take your online store to new heights.

How To Build A WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

1. Domain Name and Hosting

Your domain is the address of your online store. Pick something that stands out, but isn’t too distracting. Your name should be relevant, brandable, and memorable.

To start a Woocommerce site, you’ll also need to purchase web hosting to power your store. It’s where you install the WordPress platform.

We recommend SiteGround because they are very affordable, have excellent performance, offer a free SSL certificate, make it easy to install WordPress, and have amazing phone and chat customer support.

With the ability to create a WordPress website and install the WooCommerce plugin, you can immediately start selling products online.

2. WordPress And The Free WooCommerce Plugin

You can download the latest version of the open-source blogging software WordPress as well as the WooCommerce plugin from WordPress.org.

If you use SiteGround as your host, you won’t need to install either of these pieces of software separately. SiteGround will take care of everything for you.

3. Conversion-Friendly WooCommerce Theme

Your website theme determines how your site looks, which plays a major role in whether or not people will buy from you.

If you want your online store to be successful, you need to choose a theme that is optimized to convert. This will ensure more visitors to your site actually end up making a purchase.

If you’re looking for a great WordPress theme, there are tons of options for free. But, if you can afford to, it’s often a good idea to invest in premium options.

Most premium WordPress themes will cost around $60 to $100.

4. Dedicated WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin

This one’s up to you. It depends on how you want to build relationships with your suppliers.

If you’re only dealing with a few products from one vendor, you can keep track of them using the inventory management settings in WooCommerce. This is the simplest method and doesn’t require any extra addons or extensions.

If you want access to more products from dropshipping companies, one option is to purchase plugins that directly connect to their supplier. This can be a good way to access more products and broaden your selection.

Now, let’s talk about where to find products to dropship.

Just a reminder that you can instantly connect your account to AliExpress as we walk through this section. This will make it much easier for you to search for products and add them to your store.

How to Choose a Dropshipping Supplier

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, finding a great dropshipping supplier is essential. A good supplier will make it easier for you to dropship your products, which will help you grow your business more quickly.

Let’s discuss some things to look for in a dropshipper for your online store.

Industry Expertise

When searching for a dropshipper, you want to consider their industry knowledge. Suppliers who are knowledgeable in your specific niche will be able to better assist you when launching your online store.

It is important to contact the staff at the dropshipping supplier’s company to resolve any issues or to get assistance with launching your store in an unfamiliar market.

Exceptional Customer Support

You need great customer support to create and manage your WooCommerce store seamlessly.

If you have any problems with your supplier, their sales representatives should be available to help you day or night.

Having the same customer service rep or agent handle all your problems ensures that you don’t have to repeat yourself each time you contact support.

Robust Technology

When searching for a dropshipper, you’ll want one that uses a robust platform to power its solution. This will ensure a smooth experience for you.

When looking for a supplier, be sure to select one that has an updated website and features. Also, find tools that can improve your daily operations. These will save you time and money.

Easy to Order

The supplier you choose should make it easy to place orders with them, for example by email. This will help you keep track of your inventory and orders more effectively.

Organized and Efficient

It is important to work with a dropshipping supplier who is organized and efficient to avoid any missed orders or delays in delivery.

If your dropshipper is not organized and does not ship out items on time, it can result in lost sales. To avoid this, make sure that your dropshipper is efficient at sending out large orders and that they can fulfill them on time.

Central Location

When looking for a dropshipper, make sure they’re located close to your warehouse. This will ensure faster shipping times, and will also cut down on your costs.

Dropshipping is convenient, but it may take longer for your order to arrive due to your distance from the manufacturer. Try to find a closer wholesaler, and you may be able to save on shipping fees.

When running a WooCommerce dropshipping store, you should consider factors like:

When you’re looking for a WooCommerce dropshipping supplier, you’ll want to consider their location and shipping options, as well as the type of products they sell. This will help you choose a supplier that can quickly ship out orders without spending too much on shipping costs.

How to Market Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Once you’ve set up your online store, it’s time to promote it. This is essential for getting new customers and increasing your revenue.

There are many ways to promote your WooCommerce dropshipping store. Let’s run down a few effective tactics to boost engagement in your store.

  • Digital marketing. One way to start promoting your dropshipping business is through your social media channels. This helps attract people from various platforms as well as the ones that only use social media to connect with brands. You can also post ads, send messages to everyone on your email list, and optimize the SEO on your website to promote your WooCommerce dropshipping store.
  • Content marketing. You can write blog posts or tutorials about products to help potential customers learn more about what you have to offer. Engaging your audience with informative content helps keep them coming back for more, and also lets them know when you have new and updated products or features available. In addition to this, guest posting on other blogs can also be a great way to promote your WooCommerce dropshipping store. This allows you to tap into another brand’s audience, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.
  • Customer reviews. Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust and confidence with potential buyers. By sharing positive experiences from past customers, you can show that your store is a safe and reliable place to make a purchase. This can be a powerful tool in converting browsers into paying customers.

There are many ways to market your e-commerce store. The important thing is to be consistent and try out different methods. See what works best for you.

There are a few more things you might need to change about your store, but at this point, you already have a fully functional WooCommerce dropshipping store.


We hope you found these tips on how to make the most out of WooCommerce dropshipping helpful! If you’re looking for more information on this powerful eCommerce platform, be sure to check out our other blog posts.