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How Monostereo Took a New Revenue Stream from $0 to $1 Million with One Inverge Feature

Monostereo is a family-owned vinyl manufacturer, wholesaler, and record store chain, started in 1974. The company uses Inverge to better manage their inventory, track sales, and even open up entirely new revenue channels.


Vinyl gone digital via dropshipping


Monostereo’s business model involves a number of revenue streams, including direct-to-consumer sales, manufacturing and distribution of vinyl records, as well as brick-and-mortar retail sales. With so many SKUs and sales channels, Jeff needed a place to hold information for every item.

Everything in the Monostereo warehouses and retail locations would need a digital catalog to store pricing, SKU data, and images before the company could take their dropship strategy to market.

How Inverge helped Monostereo improve and grow

“Inverge has been an easy-to-set-up, dynamic solution, with room for growth. We also use Inverge for processing D2C sales/shipments” — Jeff

After creating a catalog and moving their inventory to Inverge, Monostereo’s dropship partners could import all necessary data within seconds. Without the need for manual entry, more partners sold their inventory.

With more orders and a new revenue stream, Jeff and the team now use Inverge to quickly:

The results? Monostereo’s dropship revenue channel joined the manufacturing, distribution, and retail channels in November of 2020. Within 12 months, this one stream brought in more than $1 million dollars.

All possible after using Inverge for catalog and inventory management.

The future for Monostereo looks bright

After seeing the power and results a handful of Inverge features provided them, Monostereo sees incorporating all available tools our platform offers. All this while continuing to focus and grow their new and exciting revenue stream — drop shipping.

Ready to leverage the power of Inverge?

Whether you’re a single brick-and-mortar shop, all online eCommerce, or a multi-entity and multi-channel brand (like Monostereo) — Inverge is an end-to-end retail management solution for nearly all brands and retailers.

Our platform has features to improve your current processes as well as tools that empower your business to reach its potential. Start with what you need, like Jeff did, and work your way to managing your entire organization from a single login.

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