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Golf Advertising Ideas: Reach More People Without Overspending

The word advertising usually brings to mind TV commercials, billboards, and radio ads. But when it comes to golf courses, there are other ways to do golf advertising.

Advertising is just one piece of your marketing strategy. It’s important to find a balance between advertising and the rest of your messages.

In this post, we will talk about what makes an ad effective and give you some golf advertising ideas that can help maximize your budget.


Use Paid Ads on Social Media

Social media is an amazing marketing channel because it has the ability to target your specific audience. People give a lot of data to such platforms, including location, likes, and interests; this means that you can set up an advertising campaign for golfers who live in the area or follow certain pages.

To make sure that people who are interested in golf and booking tee times see the golf ads, marketers need to create a targeted advertising campaign. This can be done by first targeting an audience of those most likely to play golf on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Your best way to attract attention is by using video or pictures, as these formats will be the most eye-catching. Flyers are not a good idea for paid ads because they often go ignored on social media. Instead, use a picture of your course with some design elements like a text if you’re promoting an upcoming event.


Get Your Site at the Top of Google Search Results Page

When you use Google to search for a golf course, the first few results are golf course ads that have been paid by website owners. This is an advantage because these visitors will be more likely to book their next round of golf with your business than if they found it organically.


You want to make sure that your website or landing page is set up in a way so visitors can book their tee time as soon as they land on the site. This means you need some images of the golf course, reviews from third-party sites, and an easy booking engine.


Invest in Influential Social Media Pages

If you want to attract a larger audience, influencer marketing is an excellent way.

Golf bloggers and local influencers are open to posting about your golf course in exchange for things like free rounds or money if they have enough followers. Click To Tweet

When it comes to golf courses, transparency is key. It’s also important that you’re authentic and your course looks great in the post. For example, if an influencer with a large following wants to play for free in exchange for them posting about their experience on social media make sure they don’t damage your brand or break any rules before agreeing.

The best way to choose a partner is by looking at their profile. You want followers because that’s an indication of how many people they can reach, but you also need to look for engagement and trustworthiness.

Engagement measures the interaction between user posts with likes, comments, or shares—so the more interactions there are on someone’s post means that person has credibility.

When using influencer marketing, you should be aware of the problem with bots. It’s very easy to purchase followers online and many people do it without realizing that they are wasting their money because these fake accounts won’t convert into customers. To avoid this mistake, try looking at someone’s profile or use a free tool like HypeAuditor


Don’t Forget About Flyers

Graphic designers are necessary to make flyers that will catch the eye of prospective customers. You must trust their judgment and let them know what you want your flyer to look like, but try not to micromanage every detail.

You need to provide the designer with high-quality images of your golf course and all of the information that you want on the flyer. They will also need to know what sizes are needed, so decide where you would like these flyers displayed beforehand.

Think of places that people might visit near your golf course. Grocery stores, restaurants, and other small businesses are good spots for flyers because they will be around customers who can potentially play there.

People are on social media to be entertained, not bombarded with sales messages. However, if you do post a flyer make sure it is something they will enjoy looking at.


Best Practices for Golf Advertising

If you want your golf advertising to be worth the time and money that it takes, then it needs to be created and distributed correctly. The effort put into an ad before it is sent out will pay off by getting more rounds booked at your course.

1. Appeal to golfer’s emotions

The right advertisement can be the difference between success and failure. It is important to have a strong visual aspect, but it also needs an emotional appeal. People are often swayed by how something makes them feel before they even see what’s being advertised.

In the past, charities would often show people or animals in need and their desperation to get help. This was a very effective way of getting viewers’ sympathy because it is hard for us not to feel sorry when we see these images.

To get more golfers, focus on the emotions that people feel when they book around. Click To Tweet

They might be looking for an escape from their everyday life and enjoy spending time with friends and family; your course can provide these things.

2. Targeting doesn’t mean bombarding

Advertising fatigue is when people get tired of seeing the same ads. Social media can cause this because users are bombarded with a company’s promoted content over and over again, which becomes background noise.

In order to avoid the over-exposure that occurs when someone sees your ad too many times, advertisers need to control how often people see their content. Facebook usually has a limit of 4 exposures per day for paid ads and it’s not uncommon for an individual user on social media platforms to have seen one advertisement multiple times in a single session.

3. Talk about the benefits of the golf course

When you’re trying to convince someone that your course is the best, it’s not enough just to tell them about how many sand traps and water features they have. The key lies in letting people know what kind of experience they’ll get by playing there instead.

Instead of providing facts like “a great golf course in the Phoenix area,” try using a copy that appeals to people’s emotions. For example: “Beautiful, challenging golf near you.” The second option may not seem as specific as the first but it will help attract more customers.

4. Tell a story with your golf advertising

The best salespeople know that a great story is the most effective way to tell your product’s features and benefits. 

For example, you can show a golfer teaching his or her child how to golf. This tells the story of spending quality time with family – and passing down a sport. It’s easy. All you have to do is take some pictures.

Meanwhile, showing golfers pictures of your course’s history will give them a sense that they are part of a rich tradition.


Final Thoughts on Golf Advertising

Golf managers often spend a lot of money on ineffective advertising that is run through unengaged channels. Golf advertising is a crucial aspect of attracting new golfers. When planning your ad campaign, invest in creating the ads and take advantage of digital marketing channels to appeal to emotions while remaining authentic.