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What is the USPS ePacket Program? How Does It Affect E-Commerce]

As an e-commerce seller, are you aware of the USPS ePacket program and how it can be a huge disadvantage to your business?

The USPS has a “Delivery Professionals” program that is now looking for applicants.

The U.S Postal Service recently signed a deal with China Post and Hong Kong post to make it easier for e-commerce sellers in those countries to ship their products over the pond, where they will be cheaper than if shipped domestically.

What’s Epacket Delivery?

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  • When a Chinese-based seller ships 1lb of goods to the U.S., they are charged $5 for this service.
  • For an American seller shipping a 1lb package from the U.S to Hefei China, USPS International Mail will cost roughly $50.

What does epacket delivery mean: See the problem yet for you and your e-commerce?

Ultimately, the USPS’s agreement with ePackets will take away your product’s pricing and integrity. This is an ongoing issue for U.S.-based sellers whose other overseas competitors are undercutting due to high shipping costs.


An article from the Washington Post highlights some of the sellers’ frustrations. These are forums on eBay filled with angry notes about ePacket, a service offered by Amazon to deliver goods faster and more cheaply than standard mail.

What’s in it for a U.S. Based E-Commerce Seller? 

A current listing on eBay is selling 50 Magic Cleaning Erasers for $6.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Based out of China, the seller ships through ePacket, which can take up to 2 months.


As of March 1st, the eBay store offers a variety of shipping options for their products. The fastest option is ten days, but it may not arrive until March 24th.

Chinese sellers are making a competitive advantage with ePacket sales, which has been happening in more than just the magic eraser category. Click To Tweet

This will affect many different businessesmuch if it hasn’t already, so be aware of what may happen.

Reel More in Sales 

  • Give your customers a reason to buy from you instead of someone else. If they see that the product is available for delivery by March 5th and not March 24th, this can motivate them.
  • Shipping speed and cost are the two factors that will determine your success in online retail. Do your best to provide fast shipping for a low price.
  • Your customer service should be helpful and quick to answer your customers’ questions. Stand out from the competition by providing outstanding, dependable customer service that will lead to repeat business.

When you first start your business, it can be not easy to know what will motivate your employees. That’s why we hope this article has helped us understand the different ways that people are encouraged.