January 31 2022 Matthew T
Guide 101: What Makes a Great Restaurant Experience

The importance of customer service is often overlooked for restaurant success. However, good customer service can significantly impact the overall restaurant experience. It turns out that there are some things all customers want in a restaurant. These include delicious food, attentive staff, and the ambiance of an enjoyable experience. Find out what makes for a […]

December 31 2021 Matthew T
29 Server Tips and Tricks | How to be a Good One

Servers have a tough job. The best servers can handle many tasks simultaneously, be good with people and read minds. They also significantly affect the restaurant’s bottom line through server tips. Server personality is usually an innate quality, but the knowledge of wines and menu items can be learned. So, how to be a good server? […]

December 31 2021 Matthew T
18 Retail Skills Sales Associates Must Have

When it comes to retail, your sales associates are more than just the face of the company. They’re responsible for closing deals and driving profit. They also build valuable relationships with customers. Hence, hiring sales associates with the appropriate retail skills is essential. Training can get inexperienced staff up to speed, but it’s also worth […]

January 1 2021 Matthew T
How to Improve Retail Customer Service

After a bad customer experience, have you ever seen customers walk out of your store or website? When the retail environment is changing so much and offers many options for customers to choose from, consistently great service will be what sets you apart. Keeping high standards and training staff will help you create long-lasting connections […]