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January 16 2022 Matthew T
What is Distributed Order Management (DOM)?

Distributed Order Management (DOM) is a term that you should know if your company sells online. Omnichannel retail will continue to grow in popularity as the eCommerce industry becomes more customer-centric.   What is Distributed Order Management (DOM)? Distributed Order Management (DOM) is a system that optimizes fulfillment to make sure orders arrive on time […]

January 16 2022 Matthew T
What is Seller Fulfilled Prime: Pros and Cons + Requirements

In 2015, Amazon launched Seller Fulfilled Prime, allowing high-volume sellers to sell under the Prime label. This program is a good option for those already fulfilling products themselves or through their 3PL. To be considered for the Small and Light Fulfillment Program, you must have a Professional Seller Account on and qualify for Prime […]

January 14 2022 Matthew T
Automated Inventory Management System Guide

An automated inventory management system is software that automates certain parts of the inventory management process.     Retailers can use inventory automation to track inventory, streamline fulfillment and supply chain management. Such automation saves time and effort without using additional labor. As such, it can help businesses increase their net income. Benefits of Automated […]

January 14 2022 Matthew T
3 Essential Elements of E-Commerce Application

As e-commerce grows more competitive, it becomes harder for brands to stay top. E-commerce competitors must now focus on differentiating themselves by providing a high-quality user experience and strong web performance with social media marketing to raise brand awareness and engage customers. That is why it’s a must to know the elements of an E-commerce […]

January 13 2022 Matthew T
What is Merch by Amazon? | Why It’s so Popular

Merch By Amazon – The First Step in Amazon’s On-Demand Product Offerings? Merch by Amazon is one of the newest platforms offered on Amazon. Before we get into it, let’s first review what Merch means. What is Merch by Amazon?     Merch by Amazon allows anyone to upload a design printed and sold on […]

January 13 2022 Matthew T
Does Gary Vee Own the Jets : From E-Commerce Magnate to the NFL

From E-Commerce Expert to NFL Owner: How Gary Vee is Positioning Himself to Buy the New York Jets Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor, keynote speaker, best-selling author and entrepreneur. Click To Tweet But he has a goal of buying the New York Jets that exceeds all his other accomplishments because it’s been a lifelong dream […]

January 13 2022 Matthew T
8 Shopping Cart Features Businesses Need for E-Commerce

Why do online businesses need to focus on their shopping cart features? In 2020, over 256 million people in the United States will shop online. Not surprising. It is much more convenient for many to shop on their computer than to get up and go into a store, with all the same functions at your […]

January 12 2022 Matthew T
Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

Small businesses are not just found in the tech industry. They employ people from dozens of industries, and their contribution to the local economy is enormous. In this post, you will learn low-cost business ideas with high profit.     It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for small businesses. In 2020, many business owners were […]

January 3 2022 Matthew T
Menu Engineering: How to Make Your Restaurant Menu Profitable

Why is menu engineering necessary? A restaurant’s menu is one of the most critical ways to entice people into your establishment. Even if it only takes a glance, this tool can help seal deals. Gallop found that customers spend only 109 seconds deciding what they want. They spend the first few moments scanning for specials, […]