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January 18 2022 Matthew T
Inventory Tracking: What Is it & Tips To Track Inventory

The biggest challenge in running a profitable and productive eCommerce business is managing Inventory. You want to track your supply chain management accurately, but it becomes increasingly likely that you’ll encounter stockouts or delays without an efficient system. The more your company grows, the harder it will be to Track Inventory. Keep reading and learn […]

January 17 2022 Matthew T
Packing Slip Definition and Tips

A packing slip is more than just a piece of paper; it can be used to promote your brand and logistics. It also provides an opportunity to engage with customers and capitalize on the growing popularity of product unboxing. In this article, we will discuss the packing slip definition. We will also provide some tips […]

January 17 2022 Matthew T
Cloud Based Inventory Management Software Benefits & Comparison

If you’re an eCommerce business looking to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace, the cloud is where it’s at. More companies are moving from traditional inventory management systems that require software installation onto their servers to adopting cloud-based inventory solutions. That way, they can eliminate all errors related to only installed programs. The […]

January 17 2022 Matthew T
Walmart’s Inventory Management: How Does It Differ ?

With the increasing pressure of e-commerce competition, it is getting harder for merchants to profit. Walmart and Amazon are fighting for market share with eBay. Amazon and eBay are two eCommerce platforms that have taken the spotlight recently. They’re both digitally native marketplaces with appealing fulfillment processes, like Amazon’s FBA program. Walmart is a traditional […]

January 17 2022 Matthew T
Inventory Analysis Explained: 5 Metrics & Strategies to Try

A good inventory management strategy is the backbone of any successful eCommerce company. Without it, you will find yourself with stockouts or too much capital tied up in your existing SKUs. But when you have an effective plan that includes analyzing what products are needed and not wanted, there’s more opportunity for success. Inventory analysis […]

January 17 2022 Matthew T
Five Warehouse Optimization Tips to Improve Your Fulfillment

A warehouse is a complicated matter, especially when it is full of products. Endless rows are overwhelming, and you get to a point where you have no idea where everything is supposed to go. But are you prepared for the increased demand that will come with these customers? Do your warehouses have enough inventory to […]

January 16 2022 Matthew T
What is EBC? Learn More About Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content

Previously, Amazon only allowed sellers to write a single paragraph in plain text. With Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), they can format their descriptions better and add images for the best conversion rates. What is EBC? It’s essential to review what is EBC  before we dive in.   What is EBC? In November 2016, Amazon released […]

January 16 2022 Matthew T
What is Inventory Management? Systems & Tactics for 2022

What do you want to learn?   Without inventory management software, companies are more likely to make mistakes in the supply chain. This can lead to customer disappointment and increased costs. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of managing your inventory and review some ways to do so.   What is Inventory Management? […]

January 16 2022 Matthew T
Excel Inventory Management: How With Better Alternatives

Many eCommerce businesses began with minor operations and low inventory needs. Maybe they started using Excel spreadsheets to track their stock, but eventually, they will outgrow the limitations of this approach. To experience long-term growth, it needs to automate its supply chain and inventory management. An integrated software system that allows you to track sales […]