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January 31 2022 Matt
Balance The Till: How to Balance A Cash Register Drawer like Pro

Balancing your cash register is not the same as balancing a checkbook. In this article, you will know the strategies and the fundamentals to balance the till. Balancing your cash drawer should be an essential part of your routine, like unlocking the door to get into work. This is a huge mistake if you’re accustomed to […]

January 31 2022 Matt
How to Use a POS System

Do you want to know how to use a POS system? The transition can be difficult for someone who has never used a cash register before or an experienced owner transitioning from traditional electronic logs to touchscreen ones. With a point of sale (POS) system, it is worth investing time to learn how it works. […]

January 31 2022 Matt
The Ultimate Buyers Guide | Restaurant Equipment List

When you’re starting a restaurant, there are many costs to consider. In addition to your commercial space lease and the licensing permits required for opening in that location, marketing expenses will also come into play. You need a restaurant equipment list, You want to make sure that your servers, hosts, and kitchen staff have the tools […]

January 31 2022 Matt
Inventory Sell Through Rate: How to Forecast Demand Accurately

Why is the sell-through rate significant? Retailers need to forecast demand to know how much they should purchase.  Buying too much inventory will cause a retailer to have more stock than they need, while not purchasing enough could lose money because of lost sales. It is essential to maintain a stock of merchandise because retailers […]

January 31 2022 Matt
Things You Should Know About Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

The annual tax season is upon us! This article will discuss what you should know about tax preparation for small businesses in the United States and Canada. Are you ready to fill out all the paperwork and forms involved?   Important Income Tax Season Deadlines American businesses When it comes to tax preparation for small […]

January 31 2022 Matt
What is a Rotating Schedule? An Inside Look

The modern workforce has many different types of jobs. Some businesses don’t have the traditional 40 hours per week, 9 to 5 work schedule. Instead, they implement a rotating schedule. If you own a business outside of the regular work hours, such as restaurants or bars, it can be challenging to keep your employees happy. […]

January 18 2022 Matt
The History of Amazon Prime

Any company that has been around for more than ten years and has seen a significant increase in revenue from introducing its loyalty program is likely running an online shopping website. Do you want to know the history of Amazon Prime? Jeff Bezos created Amazon Prime to motivate customers. It helps drive consumption by providing […]

January 18 2022 Matt
Inventory Tracking: What Is it & Tips To Track Inventory

The biggest challenge in running a profitable and productive eCommerce business is managing Inventory. You want to track your supply chain management accurately, but it becomes increasingly likely that you’ll encounter stockouts or delays without an efficient system. The more your company grows, the harder it will be to Track Inventory. Keep reading and learn […]

January 17 2022 Matt
Packing Slip Definition and Tips

A packing slip is more than just a piece of paper; it can be used to promote your brand and logistics. It also provides an opportunity to engage with customers and capitalize on the growing popularity of product unboxing. In this article, we will discuss the packing slip definition. We will also provide some tips […]