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February 2 2022 Matthew T
Food Inventory: Restaurant Inventory Management Checklist

Food inventory at a restaurant is key to keeping service running smoothly. If you’re not careful, one small mistake can lead to food shortages and inaccurate forecasting, which will impact your business’s bottom line. FoodPrint reports that up to 10% of the food purchased by restaurants is wasted, meaning they are paying for those items […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
How to Create a Clothing Store Business Plan

When starting a new clothing store, the best thing is to have an organized business plan. If you plan to raise capital, take the time to create a clothing store business plan that will help potential investors have a clearer idea of what they are investing in. A formal document that outlines your intentions and […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
How to do a Pop Up Shop or Event

Do you want to know how to do a pop up shop or event? When a business is established in more than one location, it has an advantage over its competitors. Instead of sitting back and waiting for people to come into your existing storefronts, outdoor sales events or a pop-up shop can help you […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
Restaurant Menu Design: The Ultimate Guide

In 2018, US restaurants recorded an impressive $853 billion in sales. This is mainly due to restaurateurs increasing their margins and developing a more strategic restaurant menu design. The restaurant industry is one of the few industries that are booming. You have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this. But there’s also fierce competition with […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
The Ultimate Guide to Retail Inventory Management

When it comes to retail, the inventory is your lifeline. Without an organized and well-managed stock of goods, you’re running a business that’s just about breaking even. When it comes to retail inventory management, you should manage your inventory in a way that works for you, so there is no stress involved.   What Is […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
All About Experiential Retail? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is experiential retail the future of shopping? Technology has modified the means folks look. With a number of clicks, we will purchase no matter what we would like and have it delivered to our threshold. Retail stores aren’t any longer simply places to shop for things. the aim of a store has been modified and […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
Restaurant Lingo: Restaurant Terms and Slang

To be successful in the restaurant industry, employees and managers alike need to be familiar with standard restaurant terms. This will help when talking with customers or other staff members. The hospitality industry has developed its unique language (restaurant slang), which is efficient and peppered with expletives. While each establishment may use different restaurant terms […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
Top 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

The top ten reasons why small businesses fail are as follows: It may be challenging to establish a business, and there are a lot of statistics out there concerning the success rate of startups: just approximately 20% of new enterprises survive their first year of operation. The US Census data reveals that new business creation […]

February 1 2022 Matthew T
How to Run a Gift Card Program

It’s hard to compete with other merchants in your area that offer similar products and services. In many cases, the only way you can attract customers is by having a loyalty program or an incentive system, such as a gift card program. Gift cards can serve two purposes: to increase revenue and customer loyalty. Gift […]