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Best Handmade Products You Have to Sell On Your Online Shop

It’s time to start sourcing for your holiday party. Here are some great products that will make everyone happy.

In a world where online shopping is king, the internet marketplace has been flooded with handmade crafts and rustic designs. More shoppers look back to these traditional products as their go-to for an authentic look in both style and function.

People have always been able to use e-commerce to sell their work and use the internet as an opportunity for personal expression. If you’re looking for inspiration on what’s in demand, here are nine good product ideas that might be worth your time.



1. Resin Jewelry

Shopify has put out a list of the ten most trending crafts this year, and resin jewelry is number one. The style features items like dried flowers or charms encased in transparent resin (similar to mosquitoes-in-amber from Jurassic Park).

Resin jewelry is the latest trend in DIY home décor and has become a mainstay of e-commerce. Click To Tweet

Though it may not be widely popular now, sellers have plenty of opportunities to get into this niche.


2. NFT

One of the many reasons 2021 will be a memorable year is because it paved the way for non-fungible tokens, which became popular in social media last year. Non-Fungible Tokens are unique pieces of digital data stored on a secure blockchain.

Blockchain data is so unique and secure that only one person can own it. Click To Tweet

This appeals to collectors who want the correct version of something.

For eCommerce, there has been a rise in digital art NFTs. For artists who work digitally and want to ensure that their artwork is only purchased once, this provides an alternative form of ownership.

NFT artworks are not limited by size and can scale up to high-end prices when you think about it. In 2021, the most expensive painting from a living artist auctioned at Christie’s was every day: The First 5000 Days by Beeple, which is an NFT work.


3. Custom Tableware

You might not think that laser-engraved items and personalized products would be popular, but they are. People love to customize their tableware with messages engraved into the metal.

People like to customize their e-commerce products and personalize them with an engraved logo. This is a trend that restaurants are taking advantage of by having their name on all dining utensils.


4. Clothes of Pets

Pet products are always a safe bet, even with the new trend of handmade pet goods. This year people will be buying more clothing and costumes for their pets.

There are a lot of pet owners who have taken up sewing, and the homemade clothes they create offer more variety than big brands.

Our niche research shows that the most popular items for dogs are clothing, followed by cats and other pets. And if you don’t like dog clothes or handmade pet toys, there’s still plenty of demand for homemade treats.


5. Ceramic Planters

As many people have begun to spend more time indoors due to the pandemic, it seems that gardening has become a popular hobby. And as predicted by analysts, ceramic planters are set for an increase in popularity this year.

Ceramics are an excellent choice for e-commerce because they’re cheap and can be made to fit many different styles. Click To Tweet

A beginner could sell simple clay pots, but an expert would have more flexibility with their designs.


6. Jewelry

The success of handmade jewelry has not faded away but continues to be a trend. One look at Etsy’s best-seller list confirms this.

The main advantage for those who make handmade jewelry is that you can be as traditional or experimental with your designs. You can stick to a safe style and try not to compete against other people in that market niche, but it’s also okay if you branch out into more obscure markets.


7. Candles

Candles are a stable product for sellers of handmade goods. Candles provide more than just the light they produce, and these products can be found in most homes.

As a candle maker, you need to experiment with different ingredients and scents until you find something that makes your candles stand out. Candles have their niches – aromatherapy candles, lighting candles, or decorative ones, so don’t get stuck in the traditional way.


8. Handmade Soaps

Last year, we talked about handmade bath products like bath bombs and soap. We’re mentioning them again because they are still popular! Handmade items like candles or jewelry have become evergreen product ideas.

If you want to make a more personal gift but don’t have the time or money for anything too extravagant – like candles or bath bombs- try handmade soaps. They’re inexpensive and consumable.


9. Textile Decors

In the coming years, shoppers will want a softer touch to their homes. Crochet and macramé are making a comeback, while knotted art is vital.

Home decor is evolving, and woven, or knotted pieces are replacing other accessories. They’re used for things like blankets, wall art, placemats (and all sorts of different tableware), hanging planters (that can be hung on the side of a building!), coastersmugs, bath mats… it’s even making its way into fashion with bracelets!


Sell Your DIY Products

It’s tough to stay afloat in the DIY world. Even if you make some of the best crafts, it can be difficult when marketing and e-commerce are lacking.


Making mistakes with marketing and outreach is easy to do, but there are also a lot of common mistakes that people make when they craft their products. You have to figure out the best way for artisans to sell on your site and how you’ll price these handmade items.

If you want to sell your handmade goods on Amazon, those are some successful tips. With e-commerce, you need to know how your company operates and learn about potential threats that could derail all of your hard work.