Accounting and Reporting to bring your whole operation together

See the numbers that matter most with custom reports automatically delivered to you as often as you want. Inverge keeps track of every sale, shipment, and return — sending all transaction data right to your accounting solution.

Accounting & Reporting

Vendor invoice management

Keep track of invoices, due dates, and related charges all within your Inverge account, automatically sending them to your accounting tool.

Product performance reporting

See which items are performing well and those that aren’t to make purchasing and inventory movement decisions.

Sales reporting

Bring sales totals from all of your channels into a single dashboard to really see business performance.

Channel reporting

Drill down to see which channels are performing best and which stores may need your attention.

Warehouse performance reporting

See how quickly orders are picked and fulfilled as well as the number of returns processed to improve processes.

Billing reporting

Track all forms of revenue outside of general orders, including subscriptions and other unique retail business models.

Staff performance reporting

Gauge how well team members perform by tracking items shipped, products added, and other variables.

Scheduled reports

Any report you create using Inverge can be automatically sent to you as often as you’d like, from hourly to annually.


Don’t worry, the integrations for tools you love to use are ready and waiting inside Inverge