Our Philosophy

Inverge provides an end-to-end retail management system to brand owners, retailers, and dropshippers to unleash their business’ potential

Inverge has everything you need to run and grow your operation while connecting to all the tools you already use. We work with you right where you are and will be ready to scale with you to the next level.

Why us? Inverge grew from our need

It started as a way to help us run our retail business better. We struggled to find a solution that did everything we needed. Over years we built the tools we needed then tested, adapted and grew them. We've worked closely with everyone from warehouse teams to brand representatives to small retailers, understanding their problems and helping them work faster and smarter. Now we're sharing these tools with you.

Our mission is to help small businesses

We understand the importance of these homegrown brands and retailers to our communities and want to help them grow. Right now the playing field is not level. The big companies have all the data and all the tools. That makes it very hard for a small business to compete. We're here to give them those tools. No more guessing what sells the best during early summer in the south west or late fall in the north east. Produce exactly what is needed when it is needed and stock what will sell in your area.

The vision is to rebuild our communities and waste less

We want to make it easy to run a retail store and make a profit. No more guesswork on what you should be stocking and when. Everyone in a community can count on what they're looking for being at the store down the street. Instead of shipping it across the country it can be picked up or dropped off from down the block. We want to help brands know exactly how they're performing and work with their partners more closely. They can plan better, make the right products and send them to the right locations, producing less waste and making more money.

Meet the Team

Nathan Oertel

Co-Founder, CTO

Matthew Tallarico

Co-Founder, COO

Daniel DeChiaro

Co-Founder, CEO

Charles Ferreira

Full Stack Developer

Nayhalit Labrador

Marketing Coordinator

Vlad Huntyk

Operations Specialist

Goran Iliev

Front End Developer

Jonathan Iqueda

Back End Developer

Giano Fiore

Integrations and Solutions Manager

Janille Dianne

Marketing Assistant