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50 Product Catalog Templates to Wow Your Clients

If you’re in the business of selling products, then you know that having a great product catalog is essential. But what if you don’t have the time or design skills to create one from scratch? That’s where InDesign product catalog templates come in!

Whether you’re looking for something simple and clean or want to go all out with an interactive PDF, there’s sure to be a template that fits your needs. And since we know that not everyone is familiar with InDesign, we’ve also included some helpful tips on how to use this design suite. So even if you’ve never used it before, creating a stunning product catalog will be a breeze!

What is a Product Catalog Template?

A product catalog template is a digital or printable file that contains all of the necessary information about your products, including pricing, descriptions, and images. Creating a template allows you to easily update and manage your catalog, and makes it easy for customers to browse and purchase your products.

A traditional definition for a “catalog” is a collection of products, services, or other items arranged systematically.

In everyday life, we see many different kinds of catalogs that include fashion, travel, jewelry, etc.

InDesign Catalog Templates

When it comes to creating a catalog, InDesign templates can make your life much easier. By having different sections, you can easily find the right template for your business. Simply browse through the menu and select the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re looking for InDesign catalog templates, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered a selection of the most beautiful templates that are perfect for any business in a variety of industries.

Whether you need a travel catalog template, a clothing catalog template, a furniture catalog template, or a service catalog design template, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re on a budget, I even have some free catalog templates for you to choose from. So take a look around and see which template is the perfect fit for your brand.

Top 50 Product Catalog Templates from Adobe InDesign

1. Travel Guide Template

This brochure is laid out in such a way that you can effectively communicate your services to potential customers, as well as build your brand and increase your visibility.

2. Travel the World

This professional-looking brochure is just what you need. With a striking front cover and plenty of room for images, it’s the perfect way to promote your company. The red detailing adds an extra touch of creativity and is sure to catch the eye.

3. Creative and Tasteful

This template is designed to let you showcase your various collections, individual clothing items, available colors, and materials in a creative way that includes plenty of space for photos. The font is classic and the overall look is clean.

4. Edgy Black and White

This stylish, modern, and trendy brochure template is fully customizable to fit your brand’s needs. With 16 pages, you have plenty of room to add all of your products, as well as any additional information you want to include. The pages are also designed to be easily edited, so you can change anything you need to without having to start from scratch.

The background on each page is pure white while the text and details are solid black.

5. Girly Pink Accents

This pink, multipurpose, customizable, and editable design is sure to stand out! Perfect for those who want something both stylish and functional, this template features 16 pages with a clear and easy-to-read layout, while the bright pink accents give it a youthful and fashionable look.

6. Sporty

This template for sports apparel has a well-designed front cover that is eye-catching, while the back page shows many different sports-related products.

7. Fashion in Black and White

This fashionable clothing catalog has a sleek, modern, and simple design with 40 beautifully designed, black-and-white, photo-friendly pages. This brochure is ideal for any fashionista who wants to keep up-to-date with the latest styles.

8. Minimalist Look with Clean Lines

This minimal product catalog design is sure to catch the eye of customers. Its simple, clean layout makes it perfect for showing off your clothing line.

9. Urban Chic

This stylish, clean, and well-organized fashion catalog is ideal for anyone who wants to make their clothing line stand out. The minimal design of this brochure allows you to showcase your apparel without distraction.

10. Edgy and Modern Product Catalog

This modern design uses a white background with red accents. All of the pages look professional and are easy to navigate.

11. Supermarket Sale Catalog

This supermarket catalog is a must-have for any store that offers discounts. It’s basic and practical, making it perfect for anyone in need of a reliable catalog.

The theme has a simple, clean design, and it comes with four color variations. It lets you display up to 12 products per page.

12. Detailed Product Catalog

This template is perfect for showcasing and explaining your products. It is easy to use and allows you to quickly and easily create a professional-looking website.

The simplicity of the website’s design makes it easy to read, but the way the internal pages have been laid out is the real highlight.

This call-to-action Template allows you to explain your wide range of products, which showcases your diversity.

13. Red and Black Accents

This catalog’s color scheme is what really makes it stand out. The red and black colors make it powerful.

This color scheme is bold and eye-catching. The colors compliment each other well, making for an overall design that catches the eye.

14. Effortless Product Catalog

This simple yet effective product catalog design makes it easy to adapt the template for a wide range of different products.

Your logo will be displayed on the front cover of the brochure, along with a short description of your company. Inside the booklet, you’ll find information about current and upcoming sales and offers.

15. Technical Product Catalog

This template is ideal for those who want to provide a more detail-oriented approach to product information. The small charts can be easily modified to fit your needs, and the paragraphs can be replaced with bullet points for a more efficient way of conveying the same information.

The updated and redesigned sales brochure will be much easier to use and more efficient. The yellow accents at the top and the bottom add a creative touch to the new design.

16. Well-Organized Paragraphs

This clean, professional design is the perfect template for communicating a lot of important information. With room for a graphic, pictures, and text, this layout is versatile enough for any industry.

17. The Modern Product Catalog

If you want to give your catalogs a modern look, you shouldn’t stick to the standard templates that come with your software. Try something different.

This modern, clean, and simple design is great for businesses, organizations, and personal use.

18. All About Elegance

This template is visually appealing and has quite an impact. If you are looking for an elegant product catalog template, this is the one for you. This template is minimalistic, with just a few photos letting your clothing speak for itself. It makes a big impact and is sure to please.

19. Covering the Basics

This call-to-action template is for those who like to keep things simple, but still want their CTA to be attractive and eye-catching.

The template has a white background with blue details and a blue price tag. On each page, you’ll be able to include two images and a brief description.

20. Vivid Blue

This beautifully designed catalog allows you to display all the important product information.

The homepage of the site is designed to give visitors a quick overview of the brand, while the product pages offer a more in-depth look at the company’s offerings.

This customizable product catalog allows you to include up to 9 items on each page while maintaining the traditional look and feel of a standard brochure.

21. Edgy and High-Class

This stylish yet simple product catalog is perfect for any brand. The frame adds a bit of creative flair, while the well-organized text does a great job of explaining each product.

22. Show Off in Red

If you’re looking to show off your products in a way that truly represents your business, this exceptional product catalog is just what you need. With 30 pages full of powerful, eye-catching designs, you can raise your brand profile in no time.

23. Clean Appeal

If you are looking for a way to show off the wide variety of products you sell simply, this template is perfect for you and your business.

This brochure template is perfect for showcasing and explaining a wide range of products and services. The front cover is clean and simple, but the inside pages can be customized to fit your brand.

24. Car Parts Product Catalog

This catalog template is best suited for businesses that sell auto parts, accessories, and vehicles. It has several layouts and tables to choose from, including ones that feature larger text, which allow you to go into greater detail.

25. All About The Details

This catalog template is designed for manufacturers and retailers who need to provide lots of details about their products. The layout is clean, simple, and customizable.

26. Sophisticated Product Catalog

This 14-page, elegant and persuasive product catalog is just what you need to show off your products to potential clients!

The templates are professionally designed with ample space for both images and text.

27. Black and White Accents

This catalog is a perfect way to showcase your merchandise in a sophisticated and classy way. The black-and-white design gives it a simple and elegant look that will surely catch the eye of your customers.

This template stands out as one of our best options for an Adobe Indesign Catalog.

28. Interior Design Product Catalog

This professional design combines two classic colors, white and brown, to create a timeless look. The font is clean and simple, and the design elements are minimal.

Some pages in this online catalog allow you to feature multiple items, whereas others will allow you to go into more detail about the latest and best-selling items in your store.

29. Delicate Yellow Accents

This sophisticated product catalog design features the perfect balance between text and images.

The yellow accents throughout the design give it an air of sophistication and unpredictability.

30. Modern and Casual

This versatile and fully customizable template for showcasing products is great for anyone from architects to fashion designers.

The templates focus on showcasing products through stylish images. This makes them ideal for businesses that want a modern and trendy look.

The italicized text on each page makes the book so visually appealing.

31. The Uncluttered Design

This minimalist design is modern, simple, and elegant. It’s perfect for showing off your product.

This product catalog is a perfect reflection of your business — serious, straightforward, and stylish!

32. Minimalist Paradise

This sophisticated, elegant, and high-class theme is the perfect choice for when you want to keep things simple. Its muted color palette, easy-to-read fonts, and high-end look make it a great choice for luxury brands.

33. Shades of Blue

This modern, attractive, and professional brochure template is perfect for a variety of purposes.

This simple design uses various shades of blue and white to create a clean, professional look. The background is white, allowing the light blue text to stand out.

34. Product Listing Catalog

This catalog of 28 pages includes a variety of list ideas, headline examples, and bold copy.

This catalog is extremely well laid out. Its comprehensive lists of products with photos, detailed descriptions, and prices will allow you, the seller, to explain everything about your products.

35. Lightning Luxury

This professional, clean, and minimalist design is perfect for showing off your photos.

The delicate and subtle fonts used in the brochure give an overall feel of timelessness and luxury.

36. Magazine Interior Catalog

This template is perfect for catalogs that want to give off a magazine-like feel! The soothing colors and delicate font create a welcoming and friendly vibe, while the descriptive paragraphs make it easy to read and understand.

37. Pop Style Layout

A colorful, fun, and artistic way to display your products. This product catalog has a fun and fresh layout to it. The colorful palette is sure to captivate your customers with pops of color and an intriguing design.

38. Neutral Portfolio

This unconventional format is highly effective. The large, eye-catching page numbers, subtle colors, dynamic picture placement, and brief but striking text all come together to create a great final product.

39. Yellow Highlights

This creative and colorful design is sure to catch your eye.

This template’s perfectly structured pages and modern overall design create a professional look.

40. Clean and Customizable

This template is perfect for those who appreciate clean lines and a minimalistic approach. It has everything you need and more!

This minimalist, but highly customizable catalog design allows you to add your own pictures and colors.

41. Simplicity at Its Finest

This catalog’s design is simple yet elegant. The front and back covers have a subtle color scheme and minimal use of fonts. Each page features white backdrops and photos framed in white space. Short descriptions accompany each product image.

42. Orange Hues

This orange and white design is perfect for those looking for a simple yet stylish looking catalog. The pages are fully customizable, allowing you to add, remove, or rearrange information as you see fit. The orange pop gives the document its distinct look.

43. Pale and Warm

This product catalog is great for any brand with its clean, white, and simple design.

44. Neutral Elegance

If you want to have a timeless and effortlessly looking product catalog, then sticking to neutral colors is the best way to go.

This clean and simple product catalog design is great for anyone seeking a professional and modern design. With 32 pages and a minimalist aesthetic, this versatile and customizable theme is sure to impress.

45. Bold Typographic Style

This template is unique and elegant because of its bold typographic style and overall design.

The homepage and interior pages are either all white or black, with minimalist fonts.

46. The Ultimate Clean Design

Are you looking for a catalog that displays your products? This product list will fit your needs.

The page is text-heavy, but the text is plain and the background is white. The focus is on the pictures, which are simple, but effective.

47. Minimal and Professional

This clean, white and blue product catalog is the perfect template for any business looking to showcase its products in a sophisticated way. With 32 total pages and a variety of layout options, this versatile design is sure to impress.

48. Black and White Elegance

This design is perfect for those who want a timeless and elegant look. The black and white color scheme gives it a classic feel, while the ability to add pops of color with your photos makes it versatile enough to work for any event or occasion.

49. Bold and Eye-Catching

Try out this bold, unique product catalog design that is sure to grab attention.

The bright yellow color of this brochure will highlight the products you want to promote.

50. Timeless Beauty

Need a catalog that will always stay relevant?

This catalog is the perfect choice for anyone looking to purchase a stylish, timeless, and well-made item. The front cover is beautifully designed and the products are organized in an easily navigable way, making this a go-to choice for any consumer.

How Can I Make a Product Catalog for Free?

There are a few ways to make a product catalog for free. One way is to use an online template or design software such as Canva. Another way is to find free catalog templates online and download them to your computer. Once you have the template, you can add your own images, text, and branding to personalize your catalog.

Can You Make a Product Catalog on Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can. Microsoft Word offers templates that you can customize with images and other multimedia content. Table formatting also allows you to organize information easily.


If you’re in the business of selling products, then you know that having a great product catalog is essential. But what if you don’t have the time or design skills to create one from scratch? That’s where InDesign catalog templates come in! Whether you’re looking for something simple and clean or want to go all out with an interactive PDF, there’s sure to be a product catalog template that fits your needs.