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5 Quick And Effective Steps to Close a Retail Sale

When you are closing a sale, the only thing that’s on your mind is how well it will go. Why? Well because if things don’t work out then there goes all of your hard work!

Do you know what to do if someone says they’re not ready? If so, then it will save them from looking foolish. 

So many of my salespeople had no clue how to close the sale, and they would let deals walk out the door that should have been closed.

Why are salespeople reluctant to close a sale?

The other day, I was talking to a colleague about how you can never really know if someone will say yes until they actually answer. It’s the same with rejection- it seems like people should reject because no one wants to be rejected but then again, that doesn’t happen either.

One of the most important things to understand when you’re running a retail business is how it all works.

When I was a retail salesperson, one of the things that my mentors taught me is to always be trying to close the sale as soon as possible. In those days it seemed like closing any deal early on could lead into more profitable deals later.

It’s funny how back then when people had more time to think about their purchases and the salesperson was able to convince them in a brick-and-mortar store with time for discussion, they would often leave without buying anything.

In order to motivate my salespeople, I told them that they should hire people who are not just motivated by pay and commission structure. In fact, the best salesman is one who will never stop until a shopper gives in.

At first, when I was selling stuff on the side of my regular work as a lawyer. It seemed like all that mattered to be successful is volume and getting as many customers through checkout as possible.

That’s not how to close a sale

The pressure to close a sale can lead people down the wrong path, and that’s why we’ve seen it in every movie about car salesmen or electronics salesmen. It doesn’t work though; all those extra little add-ons are often missed.

What I learned, though, is that you can’t have salespeople who are just sitting around for hours on end without making a sale.

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You need a process that’ll work for both parties.

You have to create an environment in which the consumer feels comfortable making a purchase and is excited about your product. This means that great customer service isn’t just something you can do- it’s what they need! The key is teaching retail sales associates how to use techniques for selling, so be sure to work on this.

Once you get the hang of this technique, customers will move through your buying process more quickly. There’s no need to push them because they’ll be eager for a deal but it does require an ability to follow steps in order to create a positive environment.

If you want to close more retail sales, here are some steps that will help your staff create a customer-centric environment.

Selling a product too quickly could cost you the opportunity to sell add-ons and create an unpleasant experience for your customer.

Here are five steps to help your customers find their own way through the buying process.

If you know how to do these steps, it’s easy to close a sale in retail and make sure that visitors are loyal customers.

5 Quick Steps To Closing a Sale in Retail

example of closing the sale in retail

1. Engage

One of the most important things to remember when selling is that you can’t talk with a shopper if they’re not in front of you. It’s as simple as this: You have to be where your customers are.

As soon as your customers walk in, you want to make sure that they are engaged with them.

A good way to get your salespeople engaged is by giving them time for customer engagement. This means that they have about 15 seconds of attention before their focus moves elsewhere.

2. Establish Trust

Salespeople need to trust the shopper before they can offer solutions. This is done through back and forth communication. Salespeople will not be invited in otherwise.

Ask questions, listen to their answers and share something from your own life. This will make the customer feel like they can trust you because of how much you’re telling them about yourself.

3. Address Concerns

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A few pointed questions, combined with a genuine interest in what your customer has to say will reveal any concerns that may be holding up their purchase.

The salesperson can use the knowledge they have about their product and how it could address your concerns.

4. Demonstrate Value

The most common mistake in a sales presentation is not explaining the value of an item to customers. It’s easy for them to reject your price if you don’t explain how it benefits them.

This can create a very difficult situation for your salesperson.

To avoid the pitfalls of focusing on price first, sales associates need to be able to show customers how a product can make their lives better. By using what they know about the products and asking questions that help customers see how it’s relevant for them personally, these problems are avoided.

5. Closing Organically

The best salespeople know that a close is not always the answer. It’s important to be patient and let your customers make their own decisions, especially when you’ve already covered all of the basics.

Once the shopper has made a purchase, they’re already in your store and having a good time. You want to make sure that you offer them other products or accessories which might increase their shopping experience.

Customer service is about making the customer feel like they are getting something special, so don’t be afraid to do some suggestive selling.

Sometimes customers will offer to close the sale themselves if they feel that you’re not inclined to make more purchases. If this happens, just say yes and ask what type of payment is preferred: credit or cash? Also, be sure to find out when the customer would like their purchase delivered.

How to close a sale in retail despite customers objections

If they say that the product is too expensive, or if you find out it’s not in their budget for this year and want to schedule a follow-up meeting with them, go ahead. But make sure before we end our conversation today I know what three things are important to them.

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For example, if you’re selling art pieces, try summing up their potential purchase with “imagine how this will look every night when you get home and can find peace from that sunset.” Once they’ve thought about it for a while, ask them again if there are any other questions or concerns. And shut up.

People are always telling me they want to take the job. But there is no formula for success in sales because you can’t force people into doing something they don’t want to do.

  • Be genuine.
  • Be curious.

It’s so important to help customers with what they came in for, and that is by knowing the retail selling process. It’ll make them feel satisfied when they leave your store.

If you are a retailer, it is time to face the truth. Your closing techniques will not work anymore.


When you work through these selling techniques in order, the customer will move quickly through your sales funnel and may be more likely to buy additional items from you.

In order to make more sales, you need to take a little bit of time and use all the tools in your arsenal. The only way for them is finding that one magic sentence – which may not exist.

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I know that you’re all here to learn how to close a retail sale, but before we get into the meat of it I want to share with you what not to do.

Retail sales training is all about developing the right analogies to help your team grow their sales. It’s not just enough for them to know what they’re selling, but how it fits into a larger narrative that will lead customers down the path of purchase.

One of the best ways to create a high-end customer experience is by investing in techniques that close sales. If you want to get the sale without having a difficult time, then follow these tips.