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14 Critical Checkout Strategies to Increase Your Sales

Have you noticed how dirty your checkout counter is? When was the last time you cleaned it up and made it sparkle again?

No, we’re not just talking about the basics. Please create an environment that people enjoy being in.

Your checkout area is one of the essential parts of your store because it’s where you ring up customers. But with a few tweaks, your cash wrap can also be used to drive sales and increase exposure.

With some new tricks, you can make your checkout counter more lively.



1. Safety is First

With COVID-19 in the world, you need to make your customers and employees feel safe while they’re shopping. For this reason, be sure that health and safety are a priority for them when it comes time to check out.

It’s time to rethink your retail strategy. Your success might depend on it.

  • A significant way to increase the security of your checkout area is by installing plexiglass so that cashiers are on one side and shoppers are on another.
  • It’s always a good idea to have hand sanitizer on the counter if your customers need it.
  • Investing in a mat like this is sure to make your countertops more hygienic.

Providing these incentives will make your customers feel more at ease and show you care about their well-being. With this new plan, the company will save money on administrative expenses, and both employees and customers will be more satisfied. This is a win-win situation.


2. Statement

This is a great way to express what you’re all about. It can be used for different purposes, including:

  • No matter how good your product is, people will never know if you don’t show it off with personality.
  • When customers feel more connected to your brand, they will buy from you.
  • Always let your customers know what they are getting. There is nothing worse than buying something and being disappointed.
  • Adding a few visual and sensory elements to your checkout area will make the process more enjoyable for customers.

Staghorn Mercantile has a lot of great-looking gear, but it’s pretty pricey.


3. Chances

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It was surprising that many people buy things impulsively and not just on their phones. So many stores now have big displays with really tempting products.

It’s always good to have a few impulse items on hand at the checkout counter, and these should be positioned in an easy-to-reach location. People who’ve made it this far are ready to buy, so putting just one or two inexpensive purchases near them can really help you boost your sales.

The Best Impulse

Generally speaking, the best impulse buys are small and self-explanatory.

Say, for example, you’re at a grocery store. You might consider displaying these items near the checkout counter:

  • Gift cards
  • Instead of making a smaller version of the same product, companies should create different products for people who need them.
  • The hottest fashion trend right now is to find complementary accessories that will make your clothes stand out. It would help to look for belts, purses, and shoes.
  • Food and drink
  • Small toys or kids’ products
  • Practical items

Remember that impulse items should be related to your store’s branding. For example, JapanLA has a bunch of fun lipsticks and stickers at the checkout counter.

It’s great that these are not just any old stickers or lipsticks. They fit in with the Japanese pop culture lifestyle, which JapanLA promotes.


4. Art

Make your checkout counter more unique by bringing in some creativity. Are you tired of the same old cash wrap? You already make window displays and store fixtures creative, so why not let your checkout area get in on the fun too?

One of the most striking examples of a checkout counter is this one, which doubles as art.


5. Sharing Products

If you are an e-commerce site and don’t carry all your products in-store, make sure to give customers the ability to browse through your entire catalog. You can do this by providing associates with tablets that they can use when interacting with shoppers.

What about those customers who are more of the browsing type? Put tablets on your checkout counter so they can explore what you have to offer online. Outdoor Voices does this with great success:


6. Imagination

Television is an excellent addition to any store because it can increase brand awareness and make customers feel more at home.

If you’re a clothing retailer, why not air an advertisement that features your latest look designs?

In many cases, companies will use TVs to keep customers entertained. For example, JapanLA has adorable cats playing on looping videos.

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It’s a great location because it will be seen by more people, which means you’ll get better results.

This not only gives your customers something to look at while they wait in line, but it also has the added benefit of reducing theft.


7. Decorations

To show your personality or story, use the space around your checkout counter to display items that can give shoppers a glimpse of who you are and what you’re all about. Fancy fixtures and decorations are great too, but they won’t be as effective if there’s nothing uniquely “you” on them.

One of the best ways to connect with someone is by remembering their name.

If you’re a small business owner and your store has an in-store checkout, use it to tell people about yourself or the story of how you started. Maybe post some photos from when things were getting off the ground.

You could also display any articles that your business has been featured in on the checkout wall.

Check out this portrait of Lynn and Barrett from a mother-daughter-owned clothing boutique in the checkout area.


8. Light


You need to make sure your checkout counter is well lit, so why not invest in some light fixtures that are both functional and beautiful? You can find lamps or chandeliers right above the cash wrap for a bold lighting effect.


9. Plants

Plant some plants on your counter for a quick and easy way to make them look great.

With the help of a few shelves and some baskets, you can create an inviting checkout area that is easy to maintain.

The Australian store Empire Homewares is an expert at using plants to create a welcoming atmosphere. Just take a look below and see how they use planters to enhance their checkout counter (and other areas in the shop).


10. POS System

The point of sale system is the most critical piece to get right for your checkout counter. If you want one that will work for both, then be sure and find a POS with an integrated cash wrap.

One of the best ways to get your business off on the right foot is investing in a modern POS system. Gone are bulky, space-consuming cash registers that don’t have all of today’s bells and whistles.

For some, the only thing that matters is looking. Selftraits in Toronto’s case used a red iPad stand and issues to make their POS system pop.

When you think about it, the more simple your design is – like removing all of those unnecessary “extra” details- then the more substantial impact that will have on whoever sees what you’ve done.


11. Inspiring Messages 

Another idea to help create a better customer experience? Consider displaying inspiring messages at the top of your registration or on the wall behind you. Use your checkout area as an opportunity for self-expression.

Sometimes all you need to do is smile at your customers as they walk out the door, and it could even be good for business. We must engage with our customers on social media!


12. Social Media

Social media is a critical component of retail marketing. It’s not just about creating your content and posting it on social, but also encouraging customers to share their photos with you.


You can increase your social media presence by placing signage in the fitting room and checkout counter that displays your company’s handle, brand hashtags, etc.

It is essential to remind your customers that they should be connecting with you on social media. Click To Tweet

You want them to know how much fun it can be and the benefits of being a part of this community.


13. Seasonal Sales

You need to be constantly changing the layout of your checkout counter so that it stays fresh. That means adding seasonal elements whenever they’re relevant.

Here are some examples of things you can do to make your workspace more inviting. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, try putting up hearts or flowers around the counter. Or if it’s Christmas time, put a small tree in front of the store and hang stockings near where customers wait.


14. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is important, so show it off in your cash wrap. Put up a sign to tell shoppers about the charitable work you’re doing, and they’ll be more likely to support that.

It also makes customers feel good about the company, increasing spending because they like your products.

Lululemon is one retailer that understands what motivates its employees and customers. At its West Hollywood location, they have a small sign on their checkout counter reminding people how to get involved with Lulu’s #MakeYoursMatter initiative.


Did this post make you want to spruce up your checkout area? We hope so! Here are a few tips that will help. You might not need all of them, but it never hurts to try.

Keep testing your ideas and see what the customers react to. Please keep track of all of this, and improve on it as you go.

If you have any extra space at your checkout counter, just let us know by tweeting or emailing us.