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10 Easy Steps to Promote Buy Reviews and Increase Product Sales

You can’t put a price on customer reviews, and they’re more influential than any paid marketing. However, getting them is difficult. This how-to get customers to leave reviews post will give you a useful guide on how to promote buy reviews for your retail shop.

Why are customer reviews important for your retail store ratings?

Online shopping has become a way of life, and reviews have taken the place that brick-and-mortar employees once held. Consumers trust reviews as much as they would an employee in-store; therefore, the need to promote buy reviews is more critical than ever.

I asked a friend how their LED bulb purchase went. “You wouldn’t think I’d try them before even reading reviews, do you?” he answered. “5-star rating.”

An article by ZenDesk found that 88% of customers have read reviews before making a purchase.

Even though many retailers believe they will get product reviews that are negative, many still don’t do it. They’re afraid of lousy feedback because only people who have had a terrible experience will leave comments on their site.

ZenDesk found that 95% of customers shared terrible experiences, but they also noted 87% who had a good experience. And we all know how much we like those.

What’s more, people are statistically most likely to read positive reviews of customer service online (69%) than negative ones (63%). Click To Tweet

You may be thinking that I’m being naive, but if you’ve ever bought something from Amazon before then, it’s a pretty safe bet that you checked out the reviews first.

When you see a product with 50 five-star reviews, the customer will likely buy. I know because I don’t hesitate to purchase when I have seen products like this before.

There are many ways to promote buy reviews. One way is by asking for them, and another is with a giveaway

How to encourage customers to write reviews: 10 easy ways

promote buy reviews

1.  Research thoroughly

To make sure that your store is getting noticed by potential customers, you need to have a solid social media presence. Create an account on sites like Facebook and Yelp, where people can leave reviews of your business.

First, make a Google search for your company name. The notification ” Is this your business”  indicates that your company listing has not yet been verified. You must resolve the issue by following their directions.

Also, check Bing, Yelp, Facebook in addition to Google. The best part is that Yahoo continues to exist.

2. Simplify things for your customers

One of the first things I noticed when coming out of customs at Heathrow airport was this small, simple machine that automatically seeks customer feedback. You can promote buy reviews by doing the same when sending an email to your customers.

Always keep it simple.

3.  Have a reward scheme

Zappos hands out a small amount of money for those who write reviews, but you can also offer other incentives like free products or even extra points. The more feedback, the better!

I’m not suggesting you buy reviews. You want a genuine, honest assessment from individuals who have purchased and tried the products you offer for sale.

Enrolling your customers in a loyalty program or drawings for prizes is an effective method to promote buy reviews as it encourages them to participate.

4.  Follow up with an email

Etsy asks buyers to write a review through a text message or email. The company reported this statistic to the WSJ.

5. Ask as soon as possible

Those after-purchase notifications on the internet are a pain. Imagine leaving a shop with your product and somebody approaching you from behind to beg for a rating. Do not replicate this on your site to promote buy reviews, but issue that mail on the same day.

6. Request for assistance

If you want to increase your sales, make sure that when people email or ask questions on social media about a product they purchased from you, have them submit their inquiries. You can then answer these requests in an article with customers’ most popular questions and answers.

7. Survey your customers

Less than five questions are not complicated. One star as an answer can also be accessible.

If you want to promote buy reviews and get more responses from your posts, make sure there is something for people to respond with. Otherwise, they will think it’s work and move on.

8.  Tell reviewers precisely what you want

If you want to get feedback on your purchase, You might ask for a 2-point review. Word it like this: “Please give us feedback of your purchase and:

  • What was your reason for buying the product?
  • Did it meet your expectations, and would you shop with us again?

9.  Optimize your content for mobile screens

When you design for mobile, everything is responsive and changes with the size of your screen. This way, when people use it on their phone or tablet, they get a perfect experience that fits them and is more likely to leave retail store reviews.

10.  Make it your habit to regularly thanks reviewers 

Monitoring your reviews every week might seem overkill, but it’s essential to know what people are saying about you.

A great way to stay in touch with your audience is by reviewing the reviews left for you. You can do this at any time, but I recommend doing it on Sunday morning when there’s no work to distract you, and people who wrote about how much they enjoyed their experience will appreciate a personal response.

Reputation management is not as easy as a thumbs-up; you need to take the time and think about what your online reputation says.

Make post product reviews a key component of your after-sale engagement

The more reviews a business or product has, the higher their online sales. The reason for this is that future customers who first discover your brand on the internet will trust you’ll have what they need and so buy from you in-store.

The easiest way to get more customer reviews is by asking for them.

It’s tough to compete with online retailers who can post customer reviews and ratings all over the place.